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Mexico, Baja and Central America Honeymoons

Ready to plan your Mexico honeymoon? From Acapulco and Cancun, here's your honeymoon guide to Mexico, plus honeymoon spots in Central America.

If your ideal honeymoon involves a lot of beach, beach, and more beach, you should definitely consider a trip to Mexico, Baja, or Central America. These honeymoon hot spots are some of the most popular because of their gorgeous oceanside hotels and resorts and their ease of travel. Book your honeymoon in Cancun to tour ancient Mayan ruins or lounge on palm tree-dotted beaches, or head to Puerto Vallarta for picturesque landscapes and luxury resorts. Los Cabos offers water sports, luxury retreats, and romantic beaches, or try Acapulco for a bustling nightlife, fine dining, and stunning landscapes. In Central America, head to Belize for exciting jungle tours or to simply soak up the rays on the beach (with a fruity cocktail in hand, of course!). Or try Costa Rica for breathtaking coasts, zip-lining tours through the rainforest, and delicious local cuisine. Do not forget to secure your passport in enough time to make your trip! Once you have done some preliminary research here, talk to a local travel agent about booking the perfect trip for you. Your travel agent will be able to help you find the best deals, as well as help you out should anything go wrong on your trip. Happy honeymooning!