Invitation Wording

Wedding Invitation Wording

Check out our quick guide below or read our blog post for a more extensive article with examples.

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A Quick Guide to Wedding Wording Etiquette

1. Honor the Hosts

Honor the Hosts

An inclusive approach we love is “Together with their families” but it’s traditional to include the names of whoever is paying (typically all parents, with the brides’ listed first).

2. Couples' Names

Couples' Names

Traditionally, the couples’ full names are included somewhere on the invite, with the primary host’s daughter (or son!) listed first.

3. Request Presence

Request Presence

Religious ceremonies traditionally use “request the honor of your presence” however “request the pleasure of your company” or similar works great for any type.

4. When & Where

When & Where

Include the day of the week, plus full date and time, typically completely spelled out. Then include the venue name and full address.

5. Reception Info

Reception Info

Let your guests know what to expect regarding a reception. Is it a different location? Will there be dinner and dancing?

6. Attire Details

Attire Details

From black tie to casual, inform your guests about the environment by suggesting a type of attire.


Looking for more details about wedding wording etiquette?

The Elli Blog is a rich resource of wedding tutorials, advice, trend spotting and more! For a detailed article explaining wedding wording structure and special situations such as divorced parents, multiple hosts, etc, be sure to check out this blog post for a deeper explanation and examples of invitation wording.



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