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Top Engagement Ring Photos

Top Engagement Ring Photos

Real Proposal Stories

A Bow Bridge Beginnig

Haley and Tony

"Tony and Haley have been dating since they were seated next to eachother in eighth grade social studies. Eight years and a long distance relationship later, Tony took Haley into NYC to meet his father for lunch and shop around for the afternoon. What she didn't know was their very best friends had been following them around all day! Tony and Haley made their way into Central Park before sunset to see their favorite view of the city. Once in the middle of the historic Bow Bridge, they took in the incredible view. Tony strangely walked away from the edge. Haley, confused on why Tony had left her side, spun around to see Tony pulling a beautiful blue velvet box from his peacoat. Haley's heart instantly dropped as Tony dropped to a knee. ""I've been waiting to do this for such a long time. Will you marry me, Haley"" came next. Once Haley made out the words of course and Tony placed Haley's great grandmommy Elsie Mae's diamond on her hand, their four friends ran up to celebrate. The strangers clapping in the background as they hugged eachother and their friends made for the perfect Bow Bridge Beginning for Tony and Haley. "

Winter Wonderland Proposal

Liza and Miguel

Migue and I have been together for six years. We have a beautiful home, an amazing three year old daughter, and are expecting our second princess in June. Every year we take a vacation. This year we decided to go to Colorado, since I had never seen snow before. In January 2016 we went to Winterpark, Colorado for his birthday. On the day of his birthday, January 24th, he and our friends decided to go skiing. I was going to rest at the lodge at the top of the mountain while everyone was skiing. We rode up the mountain on the ski lift and I was absolutely terrified! He kept telling me to look at all the scenery, but all I could think about was about how high we were. Once at the top, My best friend and I were observing all the people skiing down the mountain. Migue called me over to take a picture. His friend counted to three and suddenly he got down on one knee to propose. I couldn't believe it! I certainly didn't expect it. I cried so much! I was so happy that he had proposed and that I was officially going to be his one and only. The future Mrs. Hernandez.

Celtic (not my) Birthday Surprise!

Megan and Doug

"I was so excited to have gotten out of work early on my fiance's birthday--I wanted to get done up for a special dinner and our plans to see our friend play guitar at our favorite Irish pub. On my way home from work, though, I got a flat tire. To make a five-hour long saga very short, a good samaritan (whose name ended up being the same as my honey's!) went out of his way to come to my rescue. By the time I got home from my ordeal, I was exhausted. I fell into Doug's arms and sobbed, lamenting over my awful luck and begged to cancel our dinner plans. Sweetheart that he is, he obliged, but still wanted to go to the pub to see our friend play. I put some concealer on my puffy under eyes, a smile on my face, and we headed out to hear Aaron play. When we arrived at Celtic Crossings, we were two of the only people in the place. Aaron arrived and greeted us, wished Doug a Happy Birthday, and set up his gear onstage. With Guinness in hand, we listened as Aaron opened his set by, again, wishing Doug well for his birthday and mentioned he wanted to play a song for Doug's sweetie. I gasped. ""That's me!,"" I was thinking. I mentioned to Doug how nice I thought it was as Aaron started to strum his guitar. It only took one bar for me to recognize the song-- ""Gold,"" by Interference. An obscure choice, for sure, but a special song for Doug and me as fans of Irish folk music and the movie ""Once,"" that introduced us to the song. I listened to the beautiful lyrics as I was turned facing away from Doug while we sat in our favorite stools at the bar top. As the song concluded, I heard Doug singing the lyrics behind me-- ""and I love her so, I wouldn't trade her for gold..."" I spun around in my seat to thank him for the song, and he was holding a beautiful diamond ring in his trembling hands. ""Will you marry me?!,"" he asked. After what I am told was about a full minute I said ""yes!"" to the man of my dreams. We'll be married this year on Doug's birthday. "

New Life New Beginnings

Caniesha and Kydron

"Kydron (KC) and I have been together for 6 years. We met on the job. It was our baby shower and everyone was doing a lot of running around. We finally arrive to the shower we're playing games eating having fun. We finally get to the gifts opening part and he says ""I want to give the first gift to my girl and son"". He starts talking and then next thing he drops to one knee. I couldn't stop crying everyone was screaming. When it finally got quiet I told him yes. It was the best day every, besides having my son. "

She Said YES Sleigh Ride

Kendra and Scott

"We had planned a weekend getaway with our friends to a cute wine town ""up north Michigan"", little did I know that our best friends were in cahoots with my fiancé' to pull off the perfect surprise proposal! We spent the morning wine tasting, and snacking on fancy food downtown Traverse City. I had suggested we go on a sleigh ride in the afternoon, which was supposed to be with 8 other people. We arrived at the sleigh ride, and the owners told us that all the other people canceled, and it would just be the four of us. I still had no idea what was going on. We took a magical ride out to a serene snow covered setting in the middle of a cherry tree farm. We got out to take pictures and enjoy s'mores and hot chocolate. My friend, Kait, was taking our picture in front of the horses, when all of a sudden, Scott was down on one knee saying the most beautiful words I have ever heard. He proposed with the most gorgeous ring, and used my grandmother's diamond for the center stone, which made it even more special! He asked me to marry him and I said yes...three times!!! The surprises kept fiance' and our friends brought along a bottle of champagne I had been saving for a special occasion, and we toasted in our new ""D"" copper mugs. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the snow and taking pictures, with all the props that our friends brought along-yes, more surprises! It was the perfect day...and the perfect proposal!"

The Mountaintop Proposal

Alexandria and Trey

We were celebrating our three year anniversary, and had traveled to Tuscaloosa to visit all of d favorite spots. We spent the day revisiting all the places we first fell in love. We came home to Birmingham to get dressed for what I thought was our anniversary dinner. When we left he told me he was taking me to a lookout that over looked the entire city lit up in lights. It was stunning. We sat down, and he started to read me a love letter he had written me. After the first sentence he was tearing up, and by the end of the letter he was pulling out a blush ring box and was getting down on one knee. I started crying, and after he asked me to marry him I just said yes a hundred times. He surprised me with having our families waiting at the restaurant to celebrate. After dinner we met our best friends at our local spot, and drank champagne all night. The entire night was perfect, and I can't wait to marry my best friend.

Not exactly according to plan...

Stephany and Robert

"Robert and I have been a couple for about 4 years. We went to a jeweler last spring to design the perfect ring. I only helped pick out the stone and didn't see it when it was finished. The ring was ready late summer and I began to speculate on when he might pop the question... Of course he wanted to do something really spectacular, a proposal that would be worthy of this amazing ring. He really struggled to come up with the right way to do it. Several months went by and I didn't think much about it. But then the holidays were approaching, and he still hadn't asked! I couldn't figure out what he was waiting for! So I asked... He was honest and said he wanted the proposal to be perfect. He then told me about all the times he almost did it! There were numerous ""almost"" opportunities, including the Memphis vs. Ole Miss football game on October 17. Memphis won that game - arguably the biggest win in the program's history. He went home at halftime to get the ring, sweet-talked his way back in to the stadium and...ultimately chickened out. I was so disappointed when he told me this months later!!! Fast forward to the Christmas holidays. I was anxious to see my ring! He was so proud of it that he had shown it to virtually all of our friends and family. I couldn't take it anymore - everyone had seen my ring but me! We spent the week between Christmas and New Years at our beach house in Florida, but drove to Birmingham for the Memphis bowl game on December 30. He was so anxious to get me out of the house so he could get the ring, that he forgot my luggage for the overnight trip. We didn't find out until we got to the hotel. He had to drive 4 hrs to get it and when he got back to the hotel, I took matters into my own hands. I demanded to know where the ring was! I said propose now! He said he wasn't ready. I said yes you are!! And so he did. And of course I said yes. And the ring is as amazing as I had hoped. The proposal was perfect... "

Ohhh...yeah! Will you marry me??

Josh and Cassie

"After a long day of exploring Mackinaw Island, Cassie and Josh wanted some food. Cassie wanted to go to a nice restaurant but Josh's wheelchair was dying and thought it would be a better idea to grab some burgers and watch the sunset by the Mackinaw Bridge. As they were eating they noticed a couple who just got married on the Island and were taking pictures. Josh simply looks at Cassie and says, ""So, when do you want to get married?"" Cassie, a little confused, ""Ummm...whenever you want to..."" Josh realizing he didn't ask the right question, ""Ohhh, that's right!! Will you marry me?"" Cassie of course said, ""YES!!!"" They then watched the sunset together thinking of their happily ever after."

Ohhh...yeah! Will you marry me??

Josh and Cassie

"After a long day of exploring Mackinaw Island, Cassie and Josh wanted some food. Cassie wanted to go to a nice restaurant but Josh's wheelchair was dying and thought it would be a better idea to grab some burgers and watch the sunset by the Mackinaw Bridge. As they were eating they noticed a couple who just got married on the Island and were taking pictures. Josh simply looks at Cassie and says, ""So, when do you want to get married?"" Cassie, a little confused, ""Ummm...whenever you want to..."" Josh realizing he didn't ask the right question, ""Ohhh, that's right!! Will you marry me?"" Cassie of course said, ""YES!!!"" They then watched the sunset together thinking of their happily ever after."

Caught off guard

Flora and Jerry

"Jerry and I have been together for 6 years now! I knew the ring was coming soon, since he showed me pictures of rings he was looking at. On December 15th, ,2015 I was getting ready to visit my family in Las Vegas right in time for the holidays! I worked a long shift, came home, did laundry, cleaned the house, and packed. It was about 1:30 in the morning (December 16) and I was finally ready to take a quick snooze before my 7am flight. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and I heard Jerry go upstairs where our bedrooms are. Earlier that day we exchanged early Christmas gifts and I was a little bummed because I thought that was gonna be when he popped the question. of course it wasn't, I got perfume instead. Which was wonderful! I finished getting ready for bed and I went upstairs, Jerry was very concerned with what I was doing, and what time I was going to bed, he followed me upstairs. I was in my bra and underwear as I said I was going straight to bed. I walked into one of our spare bedrooms (which is currently my walk in closet) as I walked in I came to a halt, when I saw ""Flora Marina Perez will you marry me""? Written in green dry erase marker on my mirror. I said ""is this a joke"" I was completely dumb founded. I turned around and he was on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring ever! Of course I said yes! It was such a perfect proposal for us because we cherish that moment when we get to lay down together at the end of a very long day. I was completely thrown off guard since he went against every requirement I had set for when he proposed. For once, I was glad that he didn't listen to me because his proposal was truly a surprise and that was what we both wanted; to keep it intimate and a secret! Our wedding date is 3/3/18! And we cannot wait!"


Alex and Jordan

He took me to NYC for what I thought was to celebrate New Years Eve. He knew NYC was one of my most favorite cities! We got there and checked into our hotel, nothing out of the ordinary. I quickly learned some of our good friends were also in town, coincidence? We strolled through the city. Little did I know he had the ring box in his coat pocket. We went through Central Park, grabbed lunch, and went to the Top of the Roc to see the beautiful city view! Later that night, we went to a fancy dinner with our friends to get ready to watch the ball drop. I was getting up to put my coat on at the end of dinner when a round of champagne came to our table. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I swear it feels like I blacked out because of excitement!!!! It was BY FAR the best trip! Can't wait to marry him so soon!

A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes.

Hillary and Eric

Eric & I have known each other our entire lives. Our moms are best friends. It wasn't until my best friend and his best friend started dating to which they then got married that we started to see each other more and realized we had a crush on each other. Eric asked me on a date and we had a lot to talk about since we had many things in common. One thing in common was our love for Disney. We talked about our various trips to Disney with his family then my family. Fast forward about a year and we went on our first trip to Disney together with my family & his family. A few trips together brought us to January 23rd, 2016 where Eric got down on one knee and proposed in front of Cinderellas castle. Eric had set up beforehand for one of the Magic Kingdom photographers to come over and take a few photos of us. The photographer asked us to close our eyes and make a wish. He then told me to open my eyes and I saw Eric down on one knee. What a surprise it was! I was shocked, I cried, I found my Prince Charming in the most magical place on earth. He wanted to propose in our favorite place and have our pictures taken so we would have that memory to share with our family and friends. I was over the moon excited.

Love the ice

Kelly and Shane

Shane and I have been dating for 4 years. I have a part time job at the Springfield Ice Rink and love working up there. Shane played ice hockey all his life and love to still ice skate and play when he has free time. We took shanes niece ice skating Saturday night and he said let's get a picture at center ice. We went to center ice and I pulled out my phone and hold it up (selfie style) and go to take the picture and shane was not in it. I turned around and he was on one knee. I was so surprised! I had no clue. My whole family and his family was there banging on the glass after he stood up. We all then celebrated at the local bar.

Happily Ever After

Kaitlyn and John

"When we first started dating, we discovered our mutual love of Disney. Our first vacation together as a couple was to Disney and we have been there 3 times since. 5 years later, we are back in Disney again. On our second night, John took me to Cinderella's Royal Table resturant inside of Cinderella's Castle. The hostess walked us to our window table overlooking the beautiful carousel. After a wonderful dinner, it's time for dessert. The waitress brings over a platter with a lid. She opened the lid and underneath was a glass slipper on a bed of rose petals. John got down on his knee and said ""Will you make all of my dreams come true, will you marry me?"". Of course I said yes. The resturant cheered and clapped. After dinner, we got a spot right in front of the castle to watch the fireworks. It was the most magical night of my life. As if that wasn't enough, the rest of our trip consisted of engagement pictures, a horse and carriage ride, and a hot air balloon ride. All of which John planned in advance. I will never forget that week. I can say I found my real life Prince Charming. "

The best night of my life!!!

Allyson and Brian

"Brian and I have been together for nine years so on our anniversary (February 18,2016) Brian wanted to take me to dinner. We went to a resturant and it was right on the water front, which he knows I love. We had a wonderful dinner when he wanted to go outside. Outside, down by the water, was a cross with lights and a paddle resting on it. He asked me to pick the paddle up and take a picture, me not knowing anything was about to happen. Brian said "" there is something on it."" He had engraved in the paddle ""Will you marry me."" Then he got down on one knee and asked me. After nine years he asked me and it was so worth the wait. "

Happily Ever Nakamura

Adrienne and Spencer

"Completely unexpected, I was waiting at home for an expected delivery. As I approached the front door, I saw my two best friends mischievously scurrying toward me with a note. Right then I KNEW something was up! Spencer wrote me a note telling me how much he loved me and assured me that this was a day to be pampered that I would never forget. My friends rushed me out the door to a favorite breakfast spot in Seattle, Portage Bay. Spencer arranged for us all to get our nails done in Seattle where my mom and sisters met us. After, he made an appointment for me to get my make up done with my make up girl, Danielle. He thought of it all! I had an outfit all picked out, my hair and make up, and nails done.. So we went out to or next stop where he made a reservation for us all at Purple cafe where champaign awaited us. I had been waiting in anticipation for this day... So I had already bought Spencer a sort of ""thank you gift since we LOVE presents. I was ready to go! As we went off to our last stop I was able to read the last note from Spencer. At each stop he has something prepared and written down for me.. I was blind folded and ready for what I knew would be the most memorable moments of my life. I stepped out of the car... Removed the blind fold... I heard our dear friends harmonizing with a guitar to our current favorite song... And there he was! The picture actually does it complete justice. I don't remember what he said, but I remember the day and the thought and it's everything I ever wanted. Our friends and family were near by watching and waiting to celebrate. I got the most incredible ring... And he got Yeezys! He even had an after party set up for us to come back to.. And after the night was all over, his family took us to Maui! Now the wedding planning is underway and we are heading towards our happily ever Nakamura!"

High School Sweethearts

Amanda and Anthony

It was Friday, June 26 2015 and we were planning to get dinner with Anthony's sister and husband at a nice restaurant. Anthony told me before dinner he wanted to take me to the beach for a glass of wine and a fun activity he had planned. He had created 2 notebooks that had 10 questions each, that we had to answer. Some were fun and silly and we laughed as we reminisced about the past. The last question was 'what is your favorite memory of us?'. He stated 'June 26, 2015'. And I asked why? And soon enough he was on one knee, asking me to marry him.

Simple yet sweet

Sarah and Bradley

"We had only been dating for 4 months but I've known him for 10+ years prior. The summer prior we spent lots of nights in his garadge just listening to county music and having fun, just him and me! One night he said he was going out to work in the garadge and I disn't think anything of it, an hour later he came in and asked me to come out to the garadge. As I walked out I saw candles light everywhere!! I got closer and saw 2 chocolate cupcakes, and 2 glasses of beer (cuz I hate wine) He started playing out song ""Nothing like you"" by Dan and Shay. I started to tear up right than. He got down on one knee and I could tell he was shaking. He looked into my eyes and said ""Sarah, you are my queen, my love and best friend. Will you marry me?!"" I started to cry, said yes and fell to my knees into his arms to hold him! It was simple, just him and me and I wouldn't change it for anything!!! "

Take Me To Jamaica

Ashley and Logan

"Logan & I had been dating for almost 5 years & we had been going on trips our whole relationship. It was Thanksgiving break & we were heading to Jamaica. I was hoping he would propose on this trip but didn't want to get my hopes up because I wanted to enjoy our week vacation on a beautiful beach. We got there on Saturday & he was telling me about the different places we would be going to eat besides our hotel. On Thanksgiving he told me to be ready by 6:30. I figured we were just going to eat at our hotel but then he called to have a cab service to come pick us up. As we drove I asked him where were going & he just said this restaurant that had great reviews. As we got to the restaurant called The Caves, the server walked us down to this private cave that had candles and rose petals everywhere. Our table was even decorated with beautiful rose petals and a pinapple turkey for Thanksgiving! As soon as we sat down, a steel drum player came out & played a private show for us. We had an amazing 3 course meal & champagne and really enjoyed the music. At this point, I was thinking it was just a nice dinner for Thanksgiving because he knows how much I love the holiday & he wanted to just treat me to a special evening. As we finished up our meal, our server came down with two Chinese lanterns. The server said I was to make a wish as I let go of the lantern. The wind was blowing so hard that when I let mine gone it went up into the air and came crashing down into the water. I was so upset! The server took out the second one & Logan let his go & the wind almost made it hit the water but it ended up sailing out into the sky. Logan then asked me what I wished for & me being the kid at heart responded with ""I'm not telling you my wish, it won't come true!"" Then he said ""well do you want to know what I wished for?"" He got down on one knee & asked me to marry him! It couldn't have been a more perfect night, it was the perfect proposal! "

The Boy Next Door

Abby and Charlie

"Charlie and I grew up three houses from each other. We used to play together as little kids and our families are very close friends. Both of our families and our siblings used to take an annual skiing trip up to Lusten, MN every winter. We decided to start the tradition back up. This past January was our 2nd annual ""re-created"" tradition. We all drove up Thursday afternoon for our first skiing day to be Friday. We all went out skiing together Friday morning. Charlie and I went back into the cabin early afternoon to let our Golden Retriever, Wally, outside. Charlie called both sets of parents and siblings to all meet up for one last run. We got to the top of the hill and Charlies mom mentioned that Charlie wanted to take a picture. I went and stood next to him and before you knew it, he was on one knee asking me to marry him! My first words were, ""Shut up!!! Is this happening??""!! Neither of our parents knew he had planned a proposal so it was very exciting for all of us!! We used to ski Lutsen together as little kids and now these slopes hold an even greater memory! "

A mountaintop proposal

Alex and Trey

We were celebrating our 3 year anniversary, and had traveled to Tuscaloosa for the day to visit all the places where we first fell in love. We spent the day visiting all our old favorite places, and it was a great anniversary. We drove back to Birmingham, and went home to get dressed for what I thought was our anniversary dinner. When we got ready he told me he was taking me to a lookout on one of the highest mountains in Birmingham. It overlooked the entire city lit up in lights. It was beautiful. We sat down on a bench, and he read me a love letter he had written me. After the first sentence he had started to tear up, and by the end he was pulling a small blush box out of his pocket and getting down on one knee. I started to cry, and said yes over and over. I was stunned. We drove to dinner where he surprised me by having our families waiting. After dinner we met friends at our local bar, and drank champagne all night. It was perfect.

Help from our dogs

April and Calem

"As a couple that's been dating for 8 years, you start to get antsy for ""the"" moment. We finally took a ring shopping trip and after finding the perfect vintage ring, he made the purchase but it needed to be resized and it would not be ready before we left for our holiday vacation. Thinking nothing of it, I wanted to get a mani/pedi before we left for vacation. After the appointment, I walk through the front door and see each of our 3 dogs wearing shirts. When I could finally read the ""WILL"", ""YOU"", ""MARRY"" on the back of the dogs' shirts my fiancé came out in a shirt that read, ""ME?"" He told me sweet things and got down on one knee with the ring that wasn't supposed to be ready for another week! The moment was so us. I love that it was personal and in our new home with our three dogs. "

A Day of Surprises

Andrew and Lauren

I proposed to my girlfriend in front of our favorite house in Brooklyn, a place that's always been special and sentimental for the both of us. Sort of a dream home, an aspiration; motivation to always make the right choices. We started the day by visiting The Cloisters, making our way to Pineapple St. around dusk. I was beyond nervous the entire day, doing my best to hide the ring box in my jacket pocket. I began the proposal, talking about the house itself, and what it's always meant to us. As I took the ring out of my pocket, she immediately began to cry and proceeded to make me the luckiest and happiest man on earth. The drive back to our apartment was a blur, all I could think about was our families waiting inside to surprise her! 10 people inside a tiny apartment, but the feeling was magnetic and unforgettable. The thought of people driving for 5+ hours just to be with us still gets me. I had made reservations at the restaurant where I used to work, and where we first met. When we got there, a dozen of our closest friends were already waiting to surprise her again! 23 of our absolute favorite people on the planet all there to celebrate us, to celebrate with us. I wouldn't change one thing about that day. I remember every nuance, every single emotion. That feeling hasn't subsided, and I don't think it ever will...

Seattle Proposal

Lauren and Jeffrey

Jeffrey and I have been with eachother since college. We started dating junior year where i tutored him in Economics and Statistics. 5 years later we planned a trip to Seattle, WA ( we are from Dallas). We woke up, had an amazing brunch and walked Pike Place. Jeffrey then surprised me and took me on the ferry to Bainbridge Island, where he proposed in front of everyone on the ferry! Completely surprised and best moment of my life.

Lifetime prize

Maricris and Joseph

"We usually do a yearly group snowboarding trip where we rent out a cabin for the weekend in Big Bear,Ca. After snowboarding all day we were lucky enough to get a cabin with a hot tub so we started the night relaxing in it. While we were all getting in the fun mode of cracking jokes and pulling pranks, Joseph who is my fiance now, decided to challenge everyone to a game. He said, ""I have a game tonight, with a lifetime prize at the end of it. So here are the instructions and rules: follow the stars & play as a team."" Nobody knew what was going on but we went with it and looked for ""stars"". He tured off the lights in some rooms, and in those rooms we were able to find glow in the dark stars stuck on drawers, pictures frames, cabinets. When we looked in those cabinets we would find an envelop. So we searched the whole cabin for a while and knew there wasn't anymore o be found, so we gathered all the envelops together, opened them and found letters in each of them. We re-arranged the letters at its best and in the end we came up with ""will you..."" As soon as I looked up away from the letters I saw Joseph walking in the room with a shirt that said ""marry me?"" Shocked came over, teas were rolling on my face and then he turned on the song ""thinking out loud"" by Ed sheer an and started saying his speech. Toward the end he quoted our favorite show Game of Thrones and said it's time to ""kill the boy"" and he asked me to marry him. "

"She said, ""For Real?!"""

Alexandra and Robert

"Alex and Bobby have been dating for 6 years (Yes, 6!) Bobby had been doing fake proposals for the last few months, pretending to get on one knee and using their new puppy to ask her ""important"" questions (think ""will you... Take me out?!"") they woke up on a Sunday in Hilton Head South Carolina, they had a tradition of doing a sunrise bike ride on their vacations but this time would be different. As the unsuspecting bride was biking out the sky turned from darkness to light as they rode into the Moss Creek Marina. Bobby had biked out before she had woken up to surprise her with champagne and mimosas on the dock. He asked her to grab the blanket out of the bag he brought, when she turned around on the dock he was on one knee as the sunrise was peaking through the Carolina sky. She immediately dropped the blanket and through tears in her eyes said ""For Real?!"" He looked at the ring and looked back up at her with tears and said ""Real."" "

Engaged in Haiti

Anna and Josiah

My fiancé Josiah and I had discussed getting married for a while, and had even gone ring shopping together before I had to leave to study nursing in Haiti for several months. We had told our families we were getting married that summer, but I didn't expect him to propose until I returned to America. My father was coming down to visit me for a week, but little did I know, Josiah was coming with him! I had seen his name on an arrival board the day before their flight landed, but I was still so excited and surprised when he arrived. He later took me up onto the roof that evening and proposed under the stars. As soon as he kneeled down and I knew what he was saying, I began laughing out of pure joy and held his face in my hands. It was a perfect surprise and a beautiful proposal!

Long time coming

Amy and Quillan

We were on the trip of a lifetime. We had been wanting to travel to Japan for sometime and after some unfortunate events last year I took charge and started planning. It was our second last day of the trip and we visited Himeji castle and Koko-en garden. We had been reminiscing slightly on how we had gotten together 6 1/2 years ago and the things we had gone through when we came to a clearing in the gardens. Quillan processed to ask him if I loved him and after the co versatile we had just been having I was slightly confused. When I replied yes he asked if I was sure to which I replied yes again feeling fairly unsure where he was headed with it. He the got down on one knee and asked if I would Marry him. I said yes and the rest is history.

Jenna & Nicks engagement

Jenna and Nick

"Once Nick and I hit the 5 year mark of dating, the questions and pressures started coming in. ""When are you guys going to get married? It's been over 5 years."" ""Is nick going to propose to you soon?"" I'll even admit, I started dropping hints to Nick at this point too. June 28, 2015, on our cruise to Bermuda, Nick asked me to marry him. I'll never forget that day. We were in a really bad storm at sea, with 60 mph winds and 25 foot waves. We stayed in our cabin pretty much all day because we felt so sea sick, and it was hard to move around the ship anyway. Around dinner time it started to get better, and we went to dinner. It was formal night on the ship, so we were all dressed up. On our way back from dinner, we got to our room and Nick told me to wait outside in the hallway for a minute. I didn't have my room key with me or anything. Nick went in the room and then a few seconds later I heard him say ""okay come in."" I walk in and there he was on one knee asking me to marry him. There were swan towels and a bottle of champagne and other decorations all over the room. It was like a scene from a movie and I replay that night in my head every day. "

Grand Canyon ❤️

Charley and Cameron

As we had planned to travel around America for 4 weeks. Little did I know my partner of 5 years and my high school sweet heart was planning to propose. we had seen so many beautiful places already, I didn't think at all the Grand Canyon would be the place I got enganged! We flew to the Grand Canyon on Maverick helicopters with glasses of Champagne taking amazing photos of the best View! We landed and while I was doing my touristy thing selfies, photos and exploring. The helicopter driver was taking photos while my partner looks at me smiles and drops to one knee. Little did I know what he was even saying for that 2 minutes because I was so in shock and it was so unexpected. He had got me the ring I always wanted white gold- emerald cut Diamond Meanwhile he's in tears and I'm still unable to even talk. My first Instinct was to hug him. After we held each other for what I remember it to be ages. I cried and said yes of course! While everyone who watched all clapped and cheered. We got to look out at the Grand Canyon and celebrate the rest of our lives together with champagne haha. True love at its finest.

Iconic Stairs

Tiffany and Charles

"I purchased a trip to NYC for my boyfriend and I for his Christmas gift! CJ had never seen the city and since I had been I couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it was! Times Square is such an amazing experience for anyone and I was so excited to share it with the one I love! CJ and I had been together for 3 years! The first day in Times Square we ran around the city sight seeing and I couldn't believe how excited he was! It was like a little kid in a candy store almost! I took CJ to the Renaissance hotel which has an incredible restaurant at the top that over looks Times Square! This is really a place to see at night with the giant led screens at Windows height and elegant candles that light up the room. We shared a drink together, warmed up and were ready to head to our hotel after stopping by of course my favorite place the red iconic steps. It was freezing cold and had just snowed so the stairs were covered in ice but we shared a few kisses and laughs! CJ went over to ask a gentlemen if he could take our photo together in front of the steps. As we began posing, CJ stopped and bent down on one knee with tears in his eyes. He could barely get out any words but was able to cover the most important saying ""will you marry me?"" I couldn't get my glove off fast enough to say yes and kiss the man of my dreams. After holding each other and embracing the moment I noticed the gentlemen still had our camera in hand! CJ had asked him to video tape it instead and we have now our proposal in Times Square on the red iconic steps all on video! We made our way down to the pedestrian plaza and on the giant led screen threw my hand in the air for everyone to see and kissed! Such a special and beautiful moment that I will never forget! "

"""Picture perfect"""

Juliette and Tradd

Tradd and I have been dating for about 7 years. We have always talked about getting professional couples photos. He got a us a package for Christmas. While taking the photos, we came towards the end of the photos and out from behind the bushes– our families walked out and held up signs that spelt out marry me. It was by far the most incredible way I could have been asked to marry my best friend

Swedish Bliss

Julia and Silvana

In 2015, Julia and Silvana went on a much deserved vacation to Stockholm, Sweden. Unbeknownst to each other, they were both planning on proposing during this trip. For two whole days, they were each carrying around the rings, internally freaking out and overanalyzing each and every moment, wondering if it was the Perfect Time. After several missed opportunities and being interrupted by a beggar, Julia popped the question in a beautiful, tree-lined lane by the water. Silvana said yes (obviously) and gave Julia her ring in return by not so gracefully rummaging it out of her purse.

"He had me at ""We Are!"""

Madison and Travis

"When we met at Penn State, I should have known it was fate when we found out that Travis grew up in the town next to my Mom's hometown, and where I would vacation as a little girl - we joke that we probably played at the same playgrounds in the summer! Main Street Bethlehem PA always meant so much to me, this one store in particular where I'd always go shopping with my Mom and Grammy. we were in Bethlehem one weekend stopping there on our way to a Penn State football game, where it all began. Travis took me to Main Street Friday night for dinner before heading to the game on Saturday. He obviously knew I was going to want to stop at the Moravian storefront as I always do. What I didn't know (or expect) was for him to get on one knee right in front and ask me to marry him right then and there! I was overcome with emotion (mostly joy and a little disbelief) at how perfect this all was. After a quick celebratory drink, we drove straight to Penn State that night to spend our first night as an engaged couple in the same place where we met, which meant so much! He couldn't have done a better job, and needless to say... He had me at ""We Are!"" "

Garden of the Gods Proposal

Kylie and Matthew

Matthew and I have been together for over 6 years. Hiking in new places has always been our favorite thing to do together. Somehow, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, 70 degrees and sunny in February. We visited one of our favorite places, Garden of the God's in Illinois with our two best friends. I was walking out on one of the rocks to see the view, and I turned around to see if Matthew was coming along. When I did, he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him!


Lana and Rhys

"For Christmas 2015 my boyfriend Rhys surprised me with plane tickets to Amsterdam and a weekend at our favourite boutique hotel in the centre of the city. At the time I was in Police Training School and Rhys had arranged for us to fly the evening of my passing out parade. Fast forward 6 weeks and I graduate from Police School. We flew to Amsterdam and we checked in to our suite (another surprise). While we were there it was our 5 year anniversary and we headed to Amsterdam Zoo for the day. We had a great day and finished it off in the butterfly enclosure where butterflies fluttered around us everywhere. Rhys pulled me to a quiet corner and held my hands. And then... ""Not today, or tomorrow, but do you think one day we might get married?"" I was confused. ""Yes of course I do"". And with that, I felt a box being pushed into my hand. And there it was! My beautiful engagement ring that had been hidden in a balled pair of socks!"

In a New York Minute...

Cherlee and Brendan

I had mentioned briefly to Brendan how one of my dreams was to be proposed to in Central Park, and oh my if it snowed! I had to go to NYC for work and invited him along. Little did I know my best friend and his wife, alongside his cousin and her husband would be joinin us. As we strolled through Central Park, we spotted snow. He of course said lets go take pictures, as I turned around there he was down on one knee! He not only made me the happiest girl in the world, but another dream come true! I said Yes!

Aaand...we're stuck.

Sarah and Saverio

"Saverio and Sarah left out for Uwharrie National Forest on their second annual Independence Day camping trip on Friday, July 3rd - two jeeps, the pop-up, a ton of supplies, and three crazy dogs. In the hour and a half drive, they were running into thunderstorms along the way and were both worried the weekend would be soggy. When they arrived at Arrowhead Campground, they set up the camper and started unloading. Saverio was rushing to get everything set up and hit the trails before the next storm came through, so Sarah made some quick sandwiches and they headed out for the backside of Daniel Trail - the hardest trail on the mountain, and almost immediately, it started raining again. They navigated to the trailhead and began the climb up the backside. For anyone unfamiliar with Uwharrie, the trail conditions are either extremely dusty or slick mud, and today, slippery was an understatement. They only made it a short way up the trail before having to use the winch to get over a water break. Saverio jumped out and went into action while Sarah took over driving the Jeep. After getting unstuck, while walking back to the Jeep, Saverio slipped down the bank and fell into the mud. Sarah jumped out and carefully made her way over to see if he was OK. When she got to him, he was covered in mud and laughing. He got halfway up, reached in his pocket, looked at her, and said, ""well, since I'm already down here, will you marry me?"". Of course, Sarah said ""YES!!"" They made their way up the rest of the trail with no problems, lots of laughter and all smiles, ending up at the top of the mountain - where Saverio admitted he was originally planning to propose. He just couldn't wait, and how it all turned out was beyond perfect and absolutely priceless!"

3 Point Plan

Kayla and Derek

"My fiancé and I have been together for four years. A year before he proposed he had asked for my father's permission. He had told my father he had a three point plan before he wanted to propose: Get financially stable, get a good job and have a house. A year later we had all three. After moving into our home we decided to throw a housewarming party. During the party I noticed that my fiancé was getting a little antsy, I figured it was just the swarm of people. Once all of our friends and family were there my fiancé started to make a speech. He started off by saying, ""thank you all for coming, we really appreciate everyone being here to celebrate such a special day. So a year ago I had asked for her father's permission to ask for her hand in marriage, I told him I had a three point plan: Get a job, be financially stable and have a home. Well since I have all three there is just one more thing."" He got on one knee, reached for his back pocket. At that point my brain shut off, I couldn't think or speak. After a few minutes of not being able to speak I said yes!! I pulled myself together, gave him a smooch then said well it is about damn time. These past four years have been filled with crazy ups and downs. But I can't wait to marry not only the love of my life, but my best friend. The funniest part of the whole party was my friend from work had brought a ring pop and told Derek it is about time for him to ""pop"" the question. Not knowing that was his plan all along. "

An Engagement Abroad

Shanea and Luke

For New Year’s my finace, Luke, and I went to Amsterdam to visit a friend who had recently moved there. During the entire trip we were on a mission to find a beautiful place for Luke to sing a song with his mandolin for his YouTube page. On the last day, of our two week vacation, we found the perfect place! It was located in the courtyard of the Reichmuseum, a famous art museum in the city. We had planned in advance that our friend would use my camera to record the song and I would record on my cellphone. Once we got to the courtyard we found the gates closed and locked. We worried we would not be able to use the courtyard, but luckily we were able to find an open gate and walked in. The courtyard was completely empty and we had the whole place to ourselves! Luke started to play his song, which happens to be my favorite (and super corny) song called Grow Old with You by Adam Sandler from the movie The Wedding Singer. It took most of the song for me to realize this was how he was popping the question, at which point I started tearing up immediately. After he finished the song, he put down his mandolin and got down on one knee. He said, “So, I got this for you,” and pulled out a wooden box with my incredible engagement ring and continued, “Will you marry me?” Crying, I answered, “Yes! Of course I will.” My friend got the whole engagement on video, which was Luke’s plan the whole time and I am so happy to be able to replay that memory over and over again. Also, since we were out of the country for our engagement the video was our way of sharing our happy moment with all of our friends and family. It was really the best way to end an amazing trip abroad and the most magical halfiversary I’ve ever had.

Two Hearts, One Path

Kristin and Dylan

"We flew to San Francisco for a much needed romantic getaway before meeting up with family for New Year's celebrations. The stars didn't align … our plane was delayed, we hit traffic, and the hotel wasn't ready when we arrived (Dylan was getting more agitated by the second, since making it to the Golden Gate Bridge before sunset was on his agenda --- he told Kristin they were trying to catch the end of a New Year's parade …). Arriving at the Battery Spencer overlook, we four-wheeled his brother's trusty Camry into the last free ""spot"" and escaped a mile of completely stopped traffic --- minutes before sunset! We stood admiring the beauty of the city and the bay below us (Kristin was looking for the parade), when Dylan handed Kristin a ""late Christmas present,"" a scrapbook filled with pictures and memories of our lives together. When Kristin reached the last page of the book, it said there was a very important question Dylan needed to ask. Kristin turned to Dylan, who was on one knee... ring in hand."

Our love story

Corey and Joe

"We visit Clear Lake State Park in Atlanta Michigan every year to camp. We love it there :) There's a beautiful nature trail that has benches all around the lake. We have a special spot we go to every year and we re-carve our initials in the bench. Well last year when we went I had no idea that my honey was going to propose so we visit our spot, carve our initials in the bench like we always do and we just sat and enjoyed the view. All of a sudden my honey disappeared behind seemed like he was pacing!! I started to get a little annoyed because I was like ""just sit down and enjoy the view!!"" Then all of a sudden, he says my full name, and gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!! I couldn't believe it!! Our favorite spot, our special bench, and the man of my dreams asking me to be with him for the rest of my life! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect proposal!! We are getting married 7-9-17 and we are so excited to take this journey together!!"

"""When am I going to ask your dad?"""

Christa and Michael

"Michael and I had been racoon hunting on my families land, ""The Creasy Place,"" with my grandad a lot as we were getting to know each other. Michael would say things along the lines of, ""When and I going to ask your dad?"" and it was clear to me that he intended on proposing. Michael and I got up a week before turkey season and went to The Creasy Place to ""listen for turkeys."" I, of course, wanted to sleep because it was 6 am but Michael woke me up with a ""get up!"" Anyways, I throw on some camo and go out there with him-I had never been turkey hunting. After hearing a turkey gobble, Michael and I started walking back. Michael then said, ""When am I going to ask your dad?"" I replied,"" I don't know, that’s your job."" After he said that it's like I could feel the entire atmosphere around me change. He then said, ""What if I told you I already did."" And I said ""no you didn't."" Thinking in my head that I would have known if he did. He had a hold of my hand and turned me around toward him and he was down on one knee. To me, everything froze like I felt like I was in one of those dreams where you can't move. I know I just looked at him with my mouth wide open for I don't know how long and he was holding my hand as I was leaning back. Of course, I came to my senses and said yes! Then he got up and hugged/kissed me. And he was like ""This is as far as I've gotten on planning what to do."" I said, ""put the ring on me!"" We are so happy!"

Within the clouds proposal

Maria and James

"I have been planning a trip to Machu Picchu for 6 months, James was really not involved in any of the planning. After a couple of days in Cusco, we finally arrived to Machu Picchu it was rainy that day, but we were not going in until the next morning. Next day come (2/11/16) and it was surprisingly beautiful and clear!! After a few hiccups with our tickets and me freaking out because I thought we were not going to make it inside, we were on our way in. We started hiking Huayna Picchu, taking tons of breaks and James being extremely patient, we made it to the top in 1hr and 15 min. After a few pictures taken by strangers, he asked for ""una mas"" that's when he got on one knee and asked me to be his queen!!! What a beautiful setting to be asked to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate!!! Of course I said YES!!!!"

Eiffel Tower Proposal

Leslie and Chriss

“I knew I loved you before I met you” said Savage Garden, well that’s not how our love story began. However, within the first few months of dating each other I knew I wanted this beautiful (inside and out) woman to be my partner in crime forever. So I schemed and plotted on how to pop the question. It just so happened that we were planning a vacation to Europe, Paris being one of our stops. What better place to ask? This was destined to be! So I made the necessary preparations, and reserved a table at the Le Jules Verne which is a restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel. Now I had to figure out how I was going to sneak the ring with me all the way to Paris! This was probably as nerve racking as asking her to be mine. I wanted the ring on me at all times because I was not going to risk losing it. One small problem, what if I get checked at security? Thankfully I went through without any hiccups. We arrive early in Paris and go see a few sights and before we realize it’s time to get ready for dinner. We get ready catch a cab and are headed towards the Eiffel which we have not seen yet. As we approach it we are both struck by its grandeur and beauty. Now my fiancé Leslie is extremely excited and is questioning me as to where the restaurant is at the same time she is commenting on the beauty of the Eiffel. We drive around the Eiffel before finally coming to a stop at the North tower where we are greeted by the concierge who leads us to the South tower where an elevator awaits. Few hours pass and we are enjoying our dinner while the restaurant is emptying out. I pretend to use the restroom while I hand our waitress the engagement ring box. I ask her to bring it to her after we were done eating. She does exactly that and Leslie is surprised and asks what is it? I tell her to open it and inside is a note that reads “Life is hard, please make it bearable. Will you marry me?” By this time I am on the floor on one knee waiting for her answer. She said YES!

The Ultimate Reverse Surprise

Nemmi and Josiah

For my loves birthday, I secretly flew into town to surprise him. After months of methodical planning, talking with his supervisors, friends and family, I surprised him at his job and told him that we were going to Puerto Rico for a weekend getaway. The trip was absolutely amazing!! Upon our arrival back, I planned a surprise dinner on the actual day of his birthday with all of his closest friends and colleagues. To my surprise at the end of the dinner, he stands up and expresses his love and true admiration of me. He told me that he could not imagine his life without me and that all he ever wanted for his birthday was me, he wanted me to be by his side forever. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. The surprise I had for him ended up being the biggest surprise of my life! What makes this story so special is that on my birthday (November 5, 2013) he asked me to be his girlfriend and on his birthday (November 23, 2015) he asked me to be his wife.


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