A Beach Wedding at the St. Regis Princeville Resort in Kauai, Hawaii

Jessie Vivers (30 and an emergency room nurse) and Seth O'Byrne (33 and a luxury real estate broker) exchanged phone numbers after meeting by chance at a club in San Diego, California. The next morning Jessie boarded a plane. Even though Jessie is a San Diego native, she was attending college in Oahu, Hawaii, at the time. Seth couldn't stay away. He emailed Jessie his flight information—his way of asking for a second date. "I have always loved to travel, so when I saw how quickly Seth went to book his ticket and throw caution to the wind, I knew we had clicked at some basic but beautiful level," Jessie says. Seth secretly planned their surprise engagement in Aspen, Colorado, and Jessie's bespoke ring. Jessie and Seth found their ceremony venue years before their wedding day. "While we were lying on the beach in the warm humid air, we felt an unexplained connection to the spot." 

The couple didn't stick to any prescribed themes. Instead, Jessie came up with her own: organic-luxe and boogie-boho. Envisioning their Hawaiian celebration, Jessie pictured lush leaves and white dresses that swayed in the breeze. She wanted, above all, the island's natural beauty and motion on display. "For something as powerful and life-altering as a marriage, it seemed only fitting to do it outside with fresh air in our lungs, under the trees, with grass beneath our feet and the ocean lapping on the shore," Jessie says. Since Seth is a writer, he crafted heartfelt vows that left guests in tears. Jessie, on the other hand, got creative with her vows. In a one-of-a-kind hula performance at the reception, she used her body to express what she was unable to say in words. Jessie and Seth are both vegetarian, so their dinner menu was meat-free. To compensate, the couple doubled up on their drink selection. Of course, their wedding wouldn't have been complete without their Pomeranian dog, Mochi, in attendance. His silly, smiling face even appeared on the postage stamps stuck to some invitations. As Jessie says, "invites set the tone for the feel of the event." —Alexa Wybraniec