A Beach Wedding in Narragansett, RI

Lisa got more than she bargained for when Eric, her boyfriend of five years, surprised her with an iPod. The gift wasn’t a total shock -- Lisa had been asking for an iPod for weeks -- but she was thrown off by a note that said, “Play me.” Eric looked on as Lisa put on the earphones and started watching the video he had made. The Bride Lisa Coletta, 27, in marketing The Groom Eric Webster, 29, technology manager The Date May 16 It started with Eric holding up a bunch of messages to the camera, ending with a sign that said, “Will you marry me?” When the video finished, Lisa looked up to see Eric down on one knee, holding a ring. After she said yes, Lisa shared the video with her family. The two then went on to throw a modern beach wedding with a blue, lime, and pink color palette.