A Beachfront Fiesta-Inspired Wedding at Las Casitas Bonitas in San Francisco, Mexico

Daunted by the prospect of planning a city wedding in Boston, Massachusetts, Jessica Fortin (33 and a saleswoman) and Dave Cagle (41 and a restaurant owner) invited 34 friends and family members to San Francisco in Nayarit, Mexico, for five days of bright colors, bold blooms, spicy tacos and mariachi music to celebrate their marriage. "We decided our resources would be better spent creating a week of memories with a small group rather than a one-night affair, Jess says of renting villas on the beach to house the guests. The lineup of events included a pool party with a taco truck, a snorkeling excursion and a boat cruise, but food is what really made it all come together. Local restaurants catered each day, with the family-style reception dinner ending in a churro feast instead of a traditional cake. "San Francisco had the perfect balance of authenticity, accessibility and, perhaps most important, tacos—the most amazing tacos," Jess says of the seaside town north of Puerto Vallarta. —Stephanie Cain