A Bohemian Chic Spring Wedding at the Springs in Brookshire, Texas

Shades of copper, coral and peach with natural wood accents combined for rustic elegance at Emily Mitschke (24 and a testing and applications engineer) and Connor Landrum’s (24 and a project engineer) wedding.

“When it was pouring rain outside, Connor and I took a moment away from everyone—behind a door so we didn’t really see one another—to remind each other what was most important to us: getting married outside,” Emily says. “We stuck to our initial decision and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

Emily’s five bridesmaids wore the same floor-length apricot dress, tied in different ways to suit each girl’s preference. “I loved how flowy the dresses were,” Emily says. “I feel like they fit in well with the natural outdoor setting.”

Daylilies (Connor’s favorite flower) lined the ceremony aisle.

The couple transformed the rustic reception space with long farmhouse tables decorated with peach, coral and white florals, votives and fresh peaches.

Emily and Connor’s guests were given a packet of wildflower seeds to plant at home.

“Guests are going to love your day because they can see and feel the love you have for one another,” Emily says. “That’s what makes your wedding that much more special and memorable for you and for your guests.”