A Bohemian Garden Wedding at the Gardens at Peacock Farms in Arroyo Grande, California

Jenna Mae Gibson (26 and an employee of Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds) was working as a host at a sushi restaurant when she met Doug Hidinger (33 and an assistant winemaker at Just In Vineyards), who was a sushi chef at the time. “Doug began training me to be a sushi chef, and we've spent every day together, since” Jenna Mae says. “We dated for almost seven years while we finished college and traveled to different places.” Jenna Mae and Doug wanted their wedding to be relaxed and set in a naturally beautiful location. The Gardens at Peacock Farms in Arroyo Grande, California, was their ideal combination of elegance and bohemian beauty. “The venue was perfect for us because it was a one-stop place for everything, and it was gorgeous,” Jenna Mae says. “We didn't have to decorate much since most of the plants were in bloom.” After a ceremony under a luscious flower arch in the venue’s garden, guests kicked back at the on-site reception—signing a pair of cornhole boards (in lieu of a guest book) and perusing a large table of desserts. In another departure from tradition, Jenna Mae and Doug skipped wedding favors and instead donated $2 per guest to their local animal shelter. “Our advice to future couples would be to make sure your guests have a good time. If they're feeling good, a lot of pressure is taken off when it's time to start the party,” Jenna Mae says. “Also, take care of the major bookings well in advance, and a day-of coordinator is a life saver.” —Carolyn Meers