A Bohemian, Industrial Fall Wedding at Heritage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I truly believe the theme of every wedding is marriage,” Jen Woodruff (36 and a professional wedding and food photographer) says of her and Tevje Maillard’s (34 and a CEO of a digital marketing agency) ultra-personal fete that focused on food, family and friends.

Rather than walk down the aisle alone, Jen and Tevje invited members of their wedding party to enter the ceremony hand in hand with their significant others. “It set the love tone for the entire ceremony,” Jen says. Afterward, the couple sealed the deal with a unity blessing that incorporated water from the same St. Thomas beach where Tevje grew up.

The couple’s 3-year-old poodle, Pepper, donned a floral wreath for the festivities. “She roamed around during the ceremony before taking a seat between us as we exchanged our rings,” Jen says. Postceremony, the couple invited family and friends to celebrate at Heritage—a local restaurant known for its signature cocktails and live jazz. “We didn’t want a typical venue, so we booked the place where we’ve enjoyed many evenings together over great food and conversation,” Jen says.

In a move that Tevje didn’t see coming, the newlyweds made their way back up the aisle to the sounds of a surprise drum line performance. “Our families danced out of the ceremony while we stood in the back and enthusiastically hugged each one of our guests,” Jen says. “It was truly a special moment.”