A Bohemian Pastel Garden Wedding at Cherry Basket Farm in Northport, Michigan

The day after graduation, Jordan (29 and a marketing director) moved into Heather's (29 an a strategist and photographer) house, where she had been living with eleven other girls. Most of her roommates graduated and subleased their rooms, but Heather still had one class over the summer when Jordan signed on as one of the subletters. As Jordan moved into the building, he came across Heather and her friend crying over the friend moving away. Jordan cheered them up by calling Heather by her "alter ego" (Sean Connery), and they instantly hit it off. They started dating that June, when Heather's sister invited him to her grandmother's 80th birthday party (because Heather was shy about him meeting the family so soon). Six years later, they moved into an apartment in Detroit, and Jordan invited Heather to a vineyard in Traverse City for her birthday. Jordan asked her to take a photo of him at the site, and just as Heather snapped the picture, he proposed! Big proponents of farm to table cooking, Heather and Jordan instantly fell in love with Cherry Basket Farm in Northport, Michigan, where they threw a jaw-dropping, pastel-colored, garden wedding.