A Bohemian Rooftop Wedding at the W Loft in Brooklyn, New York

It took two years and a village to make Mikki Hommel (a SoulCycle instructor and singer/songwriter) and Brian Shassian's (a mechanical project engineer and musician) Williamsburg wedding come to life, but luckily, the couple is pretty well connected. "Working at SoulCycle while wedding planning was really cool," Mikki says. "I found most of my vendors through Soul, from the flowers to the chalkboard artist. Riding with fellow brides-to-be was a fun way to connect." Anything the pair didn't find through connections was a DIY project, often done with the help of loved ones. "I watched many YouTube tutorials, made tons of trips to Dollar Tree and kept an eye out for goodies left on the street," Mikki says. "These projects brought everyone together, especially the week of the wedding." Rustic canned succulents, blooms in mismatched bottles and skyline views infused Mikki's Southern ties with Brian's city roots. Mikki's favorite project of all was a nod to the couple's shared love of music. "Music not only brought Brian and me together, but also helped us meet the majority of our friends," she says. "I taught myself how to sew and found jean jackets at Buffalo Exchange, as well as old T-shirts of everyone's favorite band or musician, so I sewed the shirts onto the jackets as their wedding gifts."
Our favorite #MakeTradition moment: Mikki performed an original piece at the reception. "It was really special to be able to share my songwriting and sing in front of my closest friends and family, some of whom haven't had a chance to come to the city and see me perform live," she says. "It was a full-circle moment, especially with New York City serving as the backdrop."