A Bohemian Wedding at The Lange Farm in Dade City, Florida

Caitlyn Goble (21, a cosmetologist) and Jordan McDonald (23, a mechanic) met in Utah when Caitlyn went to a friend’s house for the weekend. Caitlyn's friend had invited her high school friends over for a bonfire. “I noticed Jordan because he was really tall and looked like a baseball player, two things I loved,” says Caitlyn. “He introduced himself to me and said he fell for my southern accent, haha.” That night, Caitlyn and Jordan stayed up talking. Over the next month, the couple started to get to know each other better and began dating. He proposed in Disney World nine months later. Emily and Jordan visiting Caitlyn's family in Florida when they decided to visit the theme park. After having lunch with the Disney characters, they ventured into the park’s rose garden. “A lady brought me this huge package with a flower and a bunch of pretty Disney things like a glass slipper and a tiara,” says Caitlyn “He then got on one knee and said "Caitlyn Emily Goble, will you be my happily ever after?" Adding a surprise twist to the engagement, Jordan proposed with Emily’s mother’s ring. “My grandpa got it for her at an antique shop. I always loved it growing up,” says Emily. “Before Jordan had proposed, I told my mom to let him know I wanted something similar to it.” Emily and her mother spent the next ten and a half months planning the couple’s wedding at The Lange Farm in Dade City, Florida. The bohemian celebration was filled personal touches and DIY accents.