A Boho Beach Wedding at Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, California

Gwynne Crowley (35 and a freelance producer) and David Lowrie-Reed (40 and in marketing) exchanged vows under a dream catcher wedding arch on the sand outside Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, California. “We love the beach and often spend many special occasions with our toes in the sand,” Gwynne says. “I wanted a boho beach wedding with rich orange sunset colors in the flowers,” Gwynne says. “The Sunset Restaurant was the perfect location because we were able to have our ceremony right on the beach at sunset.” The couple exchanged vows under a simple wooden arch adorned with roses and a dream catcher. “Having the Pacific Ocean just beyond our beautiful dream catcher arch was just magical,” Gwynne says. Afterward, the newlyweds hosted their 75 guests at Sunset Restaurant, a few steps from the ceremony site. “Our wedding venue was also a restaurant, so our guests could enjoy their meal along with the ocean view,” Gwynne says. “The best advice I could give would be to go with your gut. It's about what you love because it's your special day to celebrate your love.” —Carolyn Meers