A Boho-Chic Wedding at A Place for the Heart in Sophia, North Carolina

While Justina Brinkley (26 and an artist) was interning at a summer art school, she met 18 year-old Jake Stevens (23 and a musician). "I treated him like a little kid all summer but apparently, Jake began an extensive crush that on me," says Justina. "Three years later, he chased me down like a man and won my heart." Jake proposed two years after that at A Place for the Heart, where they both met and were currently working. ?After their lakeside proposal, it only felt fitting to host their organic fall nuptials at this same meaningful spot and invited guests to celebrate in the woods of Sophia, North Carolina. The property’s owners are the couple's close friends and married them on their wedding day. "Jonathan and Melissa both knew Jake and I so well, it was such an honor for them to pronounce us 'man and wife,'" says Justina. "And all of our coworkers and interns helped set up and tear down the wedding, which was a blessing and it saved us so much money." A blush and gray color palette along with ethereal lavender flower crowns set a relaxed tone for the rustic celebration. Everything throughout their wedding, from the venue to the antlers they hung on the wall had significance and a story to the newlyweds. Inspired by her grandmother, whom Justina is named after, the couple went with mismatched lace and china place settings as well as wildflower centerpieces. "One of my dreams was to sew together love letters and family photos for the table runners, so that guests could see all the couples that went before us that made our wedding day come true," says Justina. "Seeing all those pictures put together helped me remember that my wedding day was not the most important thing in the world, but my future marriage and choices were, because they would create moments for my future children to be moved."