A Bold Fall Wedding at Shenandoah Country Club in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Autumn reds are some of the prettiest colors Mother Nature has to offer. The fall wedding of Roxanne Najor (32 and a program manager) and Matthew Hornik (32 and a pediatrician) at the Shenandoah Country Club in West Bloomfield, Michigan was bold and romantic in vivd shades of red. Their celebration, which was developed with the help of The Event Planner, was beautifully photographed by Arising Images. "I wanted people to walk into our wedding and feel like they walked into a garden," Roxanne says. Elaborate red floral arrangements at the reception were created by Delux Floral and included an array of exotic flowers like flame lilies, ginger flowers, kangaroo paws and coxcombs along with more traditional flowers like roses, hydrangeas and dahlias. Decor also included large metallic lanterns as centerpieces and candlelight. Since Roxanne is Chaldean and Matt is Polish, the couple incorporated both of their native traditions into the marriage. Matt's family partook in the Chaldean tradition of Zorna and Tabol, where the groom's family picks up the bride from her house and they dance to the music of drums and a flute. At the reception, the couple also participated in the Polish tradition of sharing bread, water and salt with each other. The couple ended their night with dancing styles from both of their cultures. "I did the polka for the very first time at our wedding," Roxanne says. "It was great to see my family join in during the polka music and Matt's family join in during the Arabic dancing."