A Botanical Garden Celebration at Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Sarah Miller (31 and a college professor) and Andreas Hagemann (32 and a college professor) met in graduate school and immediately clicked. When planning their wedding, they wanted a full Mass ceremony in a Catholic church with a fun and modern reception. They exchanged vows in the Shrine Chapel at Our Lady of Orchard Lake, featuring a mix of traditional and modern elements, then took a limo to the botanical setting of Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan, for the reception. With glass walls and beautiful flowers in full bloom, the venue had an open-air courtyard vibe, like a “party in a secret garden,” Sarah says. “At night, the tiny white lights and candles reflected off the glass walls and ceiling, creating a magical atmosphere.” Distinctive elements included a Bavarian flag-inspired cake, a Campari Mojito signature cocktail dubbed the Hagemiller (a combination of Sarah's and Andreas’s last names), a late-night snack of mini grilled cheese with tomato soup and in lieu of favors, a donation to Food Gatherers, a local charity in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Asked to share advice with other couples, Andreas points out the importance of finding a venue that doesn't cut corners. “A lot of accidents didn’t happen because we got the right venue,” he says. —Chrissy Sorenson