A Bright, Blue and Gold Wedding at Viansa in Sonoma, California

With the help of their designer, Nancy Liu Chin, Bart Gromada (40 and a trader) and Ozzie Meza (35 and an event producer and floral designer) settled on a color scheme of navy and gold—the perfect representation of their rustic-meets-modern style with a chic masculine edge. To make sure their "live, love, laugh" theme didn't feel superficial, Chin asked Ozzie and Bart to elaborate on what that saying meant for them. She asked them the following questions: "How do you live?" "What do you love?" and "What makes you laugh?" Chin then worked their answers into the wedding day decor. The result was personal and cohesive, and even inspired a few standout details, like the life-size poster of Beyonce, whom they both love. "I told Ozzie and Bart that if they want to do a concept, they have to do it well—and they definitely took that to heart," Chin says. "Bart is the to-the-point kind of guy, and I'm all about over-the-top," Ozzie says. "We had to 'manly' glam it up. It was the perfect mix of both our worlds."