A Bright, Bohemian Chic Wedding Wedding at The Inn at Fernbrook Farms in Chesterfield, New Jersey

Simone Cheng (28 and a clinical psychology doctoral student) and John Soat (28 and a graphic designer) eclectic celebration combined subtle nods to their Chinese and European backgrounds with their rustic farm setting for a sweet day that was all their own.

The ceremony, which was officiated by a Buddhist monk and included a guided meditation, was held in a clearing between towering trees. The altar included a Buddha, Jesus and small framed photographs of deceased family members. 

“We both fell in love with The Inn at Fernbrook Farms instantly,” Simone says. “It had exactly the look and feel we were after: romantic, rustic, natural and not too frivolous.” 

A white mirror featuring an illustrated portrait of the couple hung from a tree near the ceremony site. The colorful bouquets were reused as centerpieces for the long head table. 

A friend of the family designed Simone’s wedding dress, which featured lace, crochet flowers, beads and scalloped lace peeking over the neckline. Her bridesmaids wore knee-length mint-blue dresses, and her bridesman donned a charcoal-gray tux with a blue tie to match the women.