A Bright, Caribbean Style Wedding at The Atrium in Prospect, Pennsylvania

Heather Suddoth (27 and works in marketing) and Joey Campisi (28 and an accountant) bonded while playing on the same office softball team that Heather organized. They got to know each other during company happy hours and began dating after a weekend paintball tournament. After two years of dating, Joey and Heather went on their annual trip to Bushkill Falls. During their walk through the park, it took Joey three attempts before he was finally able to muster the courage for a full proposal, saying “If you’ll let me, I’d love to make you as happy as you make me for the rest of our lives.” The couple had their marriage at The Atrium in Prospect, PA, a venue that Heather had discovered while researching venues for her junior prom way back when. Their wedding was Caribbean themed with an orange and turquoise color scheme. Their bold invitations were modern with bright sans serif font. The ceremony was held in a glass atrium, and the reception was in the bright banquet hall. Flower arrangements at the wedding included bright bouquets of lilies, proteas and roses. The bride wore cool turquoise cowboy boots instead of the traditional wedding heels. Heather and Joey had a popcorn and candy bar at their reception. This vivid and whimsical wedding brought fun island vibes to small town Pennsylvania.