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A Bright DIY Wedding at Red Barn Studios in Chehalis, Washington

Amaia and Ben met while interning at the same state senator's office. Amaia would wait for her ride to pick her up and pass the time with the crosswor

Amaia and Ben met while interning at the same state senator's office. Amaia would wait for her ride to pick her up and pass the time with the crossword in the Washington Post Express and Ben would come over to help out. Seven years, three campaigns, a car, a dog and an MBA later, Ben spontaneously suggested and planned a weekend trip to Niagra Falls. "I was a little suspicious of his motives. On the last day, we hiked to the top of the Falls and -- nothing!" Amaia says. "Trying to hide my annoyance, we went to dinner at a nice steak house and in the middle of the conversation he interrupted whatever I was rambling about with the ring! I was so surprised I forgot to say yes!" The two began planning their wedding at Red Barn Studios in Washington. Local food and bright colors were at the forefront of the couple's wedding must-have list, but DIY was a huge aspect as well. "I wanted to DIY a lot of the wedding to help reduce costs but also to make it personal and reflect the talents of many of our family members. 435 feet of fabric bunting, 100 fabric chargers, 60 square feet of tissue paper flowers and fresh dahlias from a nearby local dahlia farm all in our color palate of mango, papaya, salmon, peach, tomato, raspberry, grapefruit, paprika, cayenne pepper, etc later we had what I describe as an Anthropologie store window -- exactly what I was going for," Amaia says.

"The mismatched bridesmaid dresses were a win because of the trend but I also wanted my friends to feel beautiful and to want to wear their dress again.  All of our fashion decisions were made with this frame of mind and to fit with the feel of the wedding: for people to be comfortable and to enjoy themselves," says Amaia.
Ben's boutonniere was an orange dahlia, straight from a local dahlia farm in Washington State. To accessorize his gray suit, he chose a pink and orange paisley tie, which went perfectly with the couple's wedding color scheme.
Sweet Homespun Wedding Sign
The ceremony was a bright, outdoor celebration just outside the barn at Red Barn Studios. A leafy garland blocked guests from waking down the center aisle before the bride made her own way, while loose orange and pink petals lined the rustic grass aisle and the focal point was an ombre pink and orange birch tree arbor decorated with garlands, flowers and streamers.
The back row of ceremony chairs was decorated with ombre pink orange and white streamers to add a whimsical touch to the celebration.
Birch Arbor with Ombre Pink and Orange Streamers
Casual Groomsmen in Gray Vests
I loved the simplicity and fit, with detailing in the pleating at the bottom.  The dress didn't overwhelm me and I was excited to be the one wearing it.
"The best way I can describe our wedding theme is an Anthropologie store window," says Amaia. "I did go into one here in town to ask if I could have their display and when the confused sales associate said that was unlikely, I decided to make a tissue paper focal wall for behind our sweet heart table."rn
'The food was on the top of my priority list," says Amaia. "During the cocktail hour we served special Idiazabal Basque cheese and Cougar Gold Cheese (from Washington State University) reflecting our backgrounds and crudite -- all DIY'd.  The beer was home brewed by a family friend."
The sweetheart table stood out from the rest of the guests' tables with a darker hued tablecloth covered in a lace overlay. Placed on top of the table was a textured, bright centerpiece of mums and dahlias in pink and orange.
Bright Pink Painted Mason Jars
The couple chose to have cheesecake instead of traditional wedding cake, made even more special by the fact that Ben's mother made it. It was a yellow confection decorated with a pink geometric pattern and topped with a pair of flamingos -- the perfect, bright animal to go with their bright color palette.