A Canary Yellow Barn Wedding at Tate Farms in Meridianville, Alabama

Pharmacies may not evoke the most romantic memories for some, but Alyssa Budisalich (23 and a pharmacist) and Trevor Reynolds (26 and a pharmacist) met and fell in love during their first year of pharmacy school in Birmingham, Alabama. "The first night we hung out, we ended up at the library until after midnight unprepared for the test we had the next day," says Alyssa. As a nod to their careers in pharmacology, it only felt natural for the couple to plan their spring wedding at Tate Farms around a vintage pharmacy theme. Alyssa spent days hunting for old glass medicine bottles in antique shops and decorated the barn locale with a canary yellow and gray color palette. "For the flowers the main two I knew I wanted were billy balls and succulents," says Alyssa. "I told the florist that I loved anything that had a cool texture or shape so the more unconventional flowers and plants the better!" Since the venue is a nonalcoholic facility, the couple skipped a cocktail hour and moved directly to their barbecue reception complete with a three-tiered naked cake. To end the rustic-meets-vintage evening on a sweet note, guests were gifted with prescription love medicine bottles filled with yellow and gray candies.