A Castle Wedding in Tarrytown, NY

Joscelyn and Aaron met over the phone -- they both worked in finance and she was handling his sales coverage. On a business trip from Florida to New York, Joscelyn arranged to meet Aaron in person and was taken aback by how handsome he was. A year later, Joscelyn moved to New York secretly hoping something would bloom between her and Aaron. Their relationship blossomed, and after four years, the couple had a romantic dinner at The Peninsula hotel in Manhattan. The Bride Joscelyn Tosta, 31, a fixed income security salesperson The Groom Aaron Read, 34, a trader The Date October 3 After the meal, Aaron took Joscelyn by the arm and led her to a suite at the hotel, which he had prepared with white votive candles, red rose petals, and chilled champagne. As she fought back tears, Aaron told Joscelyn that he had been madly in love with her since their first meeting and proposed.