A Casual and Eclectic Wedding at Sun In My Belly in Atlanta, Georgia

Kathryn Honderd (30 and a client services manager) and Kyle O'Day (33 and a coach) met through their passion for running and triathlons. Their first date was an MMA fight and it they got engaged a year later during the holidays. It was only fitting that the couple bought their wedding rings in Hawaii after Kathryn completed a triathlon before exchanging vows at Sun In My Belly in Atlanta, Georgia. "We wanted somewhere that was beautiful but not super traditional or formal so we could still feel relaxed and be ourselves," Kathrine says. "Sun In My Belly's stylish, eclectic, homey decor was ideal!" Purple wildflowers popped against their white and cream color palette and Kathryn and Kyle's friends did their intimate and natural reception decor. "They basically took my Pinterest page and did everything!" says Kathryn. "It was the most special, beautiful thing—the love, talent and artistry that went into it took the perfect setting to a new level."