A Casual Country Wedding at Mountain Park in Woodstock, Georgia

Instead of a formal affair to celebrate their nuptials, Emily Wauford (20 and a student) and Jesse Christopher (20 and a student) wanted to plan something different: a "picnic fancy" celebration with family and friends. For their rustic day at Mountain Park in Woodstock, Georgia, the couple worked with Emily's mother to make their entire shabby-chic decor by mixing vintage accents with burlap and baby's breath clusters. "My mom is a super frugal genius so our decor was really affordable too," says Emily. "We bought hay bales and collected quilts for seating and spent many days in Goodwill digging for things that we could use. Looking at all of my decor you would never think that almost all of it came from Goodwill—it's amazing what you can do with some ribbon, lace and burlap!" Instead of a traditional autumnal color scheme, Emily and Jesse worked with a pink, brown and tan palette to complement their natural setting. "We had our wedding at Mountain Park because it had indoor and outdoor spaces with a pond, meadow and gazebo that I loved," says Emily. "I just wanted everyone to feel comfortable, we let people wear what they wanted for the most part, and somehow it all came together perfectly!"