A Casual Destination Wedding at the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Jennifer Staufer (37, a program manager) and Justen Staufer (37, works in real estate) first met in high school while working at a local Subway. “I do not remember the day we met, but I do remember the war games. We would put stuff in each others’ drinks and squirt each other with water and oil,” says Justen. Jennifer disagreed slightly with this statement. “Justen use to torture me because he was jealous of my knife skills,” she says. The couple dated during the summer before they went off to college and reconnected through Facebook about 16 years later. “A totally random reconnection, but we started hanging out and hiking together and the rest is history. The war games continue!" says Jennifer. In 2012, the couple picked out the engagement ring together and within a month Justen proposed. “I led her to believe that it was long way off,” he says. With the help of Jennifer’s sister and their two families, Justen surprised Jennifer with a proposal. "My sister called me and invited me to go to an awards dinner for her work on a Monday night at 7 p.m.,” says Jennifer. Already thinking something strange was going on, Jennifer walked into the “awards dinner” and was surprised to see her and Justen’s immediate families. He got down on one knee and she responded with “Of course, babe.” “I thought it was incredibly brave of him to propose in front of our families and it was really special that we could immediately celebrate with them,” says Jennifer. Nine months later, the couple held a destination wedding with 48 friends and family members in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.