A Casual, Elegant Wedding at Quailcrest Farm in Wooster, Ohio

Natalie Philips (26 and a teacher) and Michael Skelly (30 and a manager) envisioned a casual yet elegant outdoor wedding with a color scheme of ivory and sage, a vision that came to life at Quailcrest Farm in Wooster, Ohio. The couple's original plan to exchange vows in front of a willow tree changed when a storm started brewing 30 minutes before the ceremony. Rather than panic, they moved the ceremony inside the tent and proceeded as they would have outdoors. In retrospect, the rain was a good thing on an otherwise steamy day, Natalie says. “The rain cleared right when we said ‘I do,’ and it cooled everything off—a blessing in disguise.” Special details included lawn games (including a giant Connect Four), a delicious family-style meal catered by a food truck, beverages served out of a charming little bar caravan, caramel corn from their favorite local vendor, cheeseburgers served during the dance and mix-and-match china plates and linens. It was important that their wedding not feel too formal or stuffy. “I wanted it to be super-homey for everyone,” Natalie says. “One big party.” Her advice to other couples is not to obsess over the details. “The most important thing—other than the marriage—is being with the people you care about most,” she says. Other important elements include good music, good drinks and good food, she says. “Have those, and you’re good to go.” —Chrissy Sorenson