A Casual Glam Wedding at Gannons in Maui, Hawaii

Jessica and Jonathon met when they were two and four years old, respectively. "Jonathon and my brother became best friends in kindergarten and our fam

Jessica and Jonathon met when they were two and four years old, respectively. "Jonathon and my brother became best friends in kindergarten and our families became close as we grew up and all hung out together," Jessica says. "Jonathon didn't know that I had always had a 'kid' crush on him because he was always so nice. We didn't start dating until after high school -- and yes my brother approved! He actually told Jonathon to 'look after me.' After five years of dating, Jonathon proposed to me on the gondola at Heavenly with a gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe." Jessica's gold, beaded dress set the tone for the wedding decor. Every detail had a glam, art deco feel. The color scheme became romantic gold and burgundy. "As for decor," Jessica says, "We were on the beautiful beach in Maui with the sunset as our backdrop -- can't ask for better decor than that! Neither Jonathon or I like to be the center of attention, so I think the simplicity of our wedding day reflected our personalities well."

Jessica's golden, floral patterned, diamond-encrusted wedding band fit in with her vintage wedding dress style and with the glam aesthetic of the day.
Jessica wore her hair in a low, romantic updo with loose tendrils of hair exposed. She pinned an art deco-inspired hair accessory to the beginning of the low chignon to add to the vintage glamor of her dress.
"I had been looking for a unique wedding dress, but so many bridal boutiques had the same look. By luck I found a small vintage bridal shop in the bay area and as soon as I walked in, there was the perfect dress hanging on the wall! To top it off, it fit like a glove!" says Jessica.
Native Maui proteas made the perfect bouquet for Jessica's destination wedding on a beach on the islandof Maui in Hawaii. Jonathon wore a traditional bay leaf lei.
Art Deco Lace Bridesmaid Dresses
Engraved, Wooden Cufflinks
"I didn't want the typical bridesmaid dress that nobody wears again. I ended up finding the perfect dresses onsale at Urban Outfitters for $39!" says Jessica.
"Jonathon has always liked the vintage look, so bow ties and suspenders for him and the groomsmen tied right in with the 20s style of my dress," says Jessica.
During the ceremony at White Rock, a banjo artist played an acoustic set while guests sat themselves, the groomsmen and groom entered, and finally when Jessica and her bridesmaids walked down the aisle.
Traditional Hawaiian Ring Exchange
For the wedding reception, the couple decided to head to Gannon's, a Maui restaurant with amazing moonlit views.
A single layer cake frosted with buttercream and topped with a cursive Happily Ever After sign sat on a vintage-style golden cake stand with dangling crystals.
Cursive, Golden "Happily Ever After" Cake Topper