A Casual Outdoor Wedding at Rockwood Manor Park in Potomac, Maryland

Sarah Sheets (20 and a student) and Alex Curry (23 and a student) wanted their wedding to reflect their equal love of the traditional and the unconventional. Together, they created "Camp Curry" for their event, with a weekend wedding at Rockwood Manor Park. Following a traditional church ceremony, they kept the reception very casual, with field games, a photo booth, and a s'mores bar in lieu of a traditional wedding cake (the couple also had a small white cutting cake decorated with coral roses). A soft color palette inspired by summer and the gorgeous green of August around them paired with natural wildflowers rounded out the wedding look. Sarah's nickname from her mother, Sweet Pea, inspired her to carry sweet peas in her bouquet. Sarah wore a traditional soft lace gown with a high neckline, paired with simple sandals. The bridesmaids wore their own choice of coral dresses, which matched the groomsmen's tan blazers and blue chino pants perfectly, and added to the whole casual vibe of the wedding. "We are laid-back and like to have fun, and our wedding encapsulated that," Sarah says.