A Casual Rustic Wedding at Kelly Green in Aly's Beach, Florida

Emily Drury (35, works in sales) and Russ Yeager (39, an entrepreneur) first met online through Match.com in 2011. “ I could just tell she was genuine, sweet, and real and not to mention gorgeous!” says Russ. “Unfortunately, she quit responding to me.” Russ tried again two years later when he saw Emily for a second time on the site. This time he was able to get a first date and her phone number. They met for yoga. While Russ fell asleep during the meditation portion of the class, this did not spoil the date. “From the moment we first met it seemed as if we had known each other for years,” he says. “We laughed a lot and she was even more beautiful in person.” After the first date, Russ told his roommate he could see himself marrying Emily, he says. As their religious faith is an important part of the couple’s relationship, Russ proposed after he was baptised in 2014. It was also the one-year anniversary of their first date. He gave Emily a custom cedar box with an engraved bible verse. “There, in the midst of heart shaped pressed rose petals, was a diamond ring,” he says. “I immediately dropped to one knee and asked Emily to spend the rest of her life with me.” After she accepted, the couple continued the baptism and now engagement celebration with their families. The couple was wed five months later in Alys Beach, Florida, in front of 90 members of their friends and family.