A Casual Rustic Wedding in Girdwood, AK

When Audra and Shaun first met he had what she describes as long hippy hair, and Audra wasn't interested. Later on, they were reintroduced one night while out to dinner, and Shaun had cut his hair. The couple hit it off and six years later Shaun proposed at a BBQ surrounded by family an friends. The Bride: Audra Ranger, 31, esthetician The Groom: Shaun McKellar, 31, owner of Alaska Tree Tops Tree Service The Date: August 2012 Audra and Shaun chose the Crow Creek Mine as the venue for their ceremony and reception because of their shared love for the Alaskan outdoors. Audra chose a vintage theme that tied in the Alaskan scenery and culture with a peach and navy color palette.