A Casual Summer Wedding at Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin

Think planning a secret wedding is hard enough? Try keeping your hush-hush engagement from family and friends too! For their summer elopement in Door County, newlyweds Robin Green (30 and an attorney) and EJ Zbikowski (32 and a firefighter) managed to turn their annual camping trip into an intimate waterfront ceremony with no wedding guests in sight. "We love camping in Door County and wanted to spend our wedding day doing the things that we love most," Robin says. Influenced by the bold shades of summer, the couple incorporated pops of yellow throughout their special day along with the bride's go-to bloom, sunflowers. "We wanted the carefree, happy and energetic attitude that we experience in the summertime to shine through in our weeding day style," Robin says. After exchanging vows atop a rocky bluff in Peninsula State Park, the couple took an impromptu walking tour of the city they love most. "We walked around town without an agenda, worry or expense," Robin says. "We just laughed, celebrated and ate to our hearts' content. At the end of the day, the sun set and we walked back to our hotel -- it was perfect."