A Casual Wedding in Charlotte, NC

Mindy liked Daniel from the moment they met. “He was gorgeous and sweet…and a drummer. I’ve always liked drummers,” she says. They met on the University of North Carolina campus and started talking and messaging each other on Facebook. One day, Mindy updated her status, suggesting someone meet her at Starbucks on her lunch break. Daniel tried to email her, but his computer died. So he drove 40 minutes to campus, emailed her about lunch, and then waited another two hours for her to meet him. “He left that day knowing we would get married,” says Mindy. The Bride Melinda “Mindy” Odell, 21, an artist/freelance photographer The Groom Daniel Coleman, 22, a student The Date September 5 Ten months later the couple found their favorite picnic spot, and when it was time for dessert, Daniel pulled out a bag of clementines (their favorite fruit) with his nicknames for Mindy, Sweetsie, written on each one. The last fruit was hollowed out and filled with green tissue paper and a ring! She said yes and they spent the next three-and-a-half months planning an informal, outdoor wedding with lots of bold colors and a picnic-style atmosphere.