A Casual Wedding in Greenwich, CT

Robby walked right into the apartment of Brooke. Brooke was throwing a cocktail party in Manhattan, and a mutual friend brought Robby. The two chatted for a few hours, and Brooke was convinced that Robby was a nice Southern boy; he’s actually from Connecticut. Fortunately, that wasn’t a dealbreaker, and the two have been together ever since. The Bride Brooke Evans, 30 The Groom Robby Mountain, 31, a senior relationship manager for bond sales The Date September 6 Four years later, they were sitting on a bench outside of his parents’ home. Brooke was complaining about bugs and her heels sinking in the grass when Robby changed the topic by offering a surprise proposal. Later, Brooke was surprised again to walk into a restaurant and see the couple’s best friends ready to celebrate.