A Casual Wedding in Saint Helena, CA

Jason had just moved back to California after spending 10 years in Hawaii when he applied for a job at Bouchon in Yountville, where Sarah worked as a sous chef. When Jason walked into the restaurant for his interview, he and Sarah spotted each other. He was hired and soon the two developed a friendship that turned into a relationship. On their first date, Sarah showed Jason some of her favorite spots to go for walks, including Lake Hennessey in Saint Helena. The Bride Sarah Emhoff, 26, a personal chef The Groom Jason Heller, 31, a wine director at a restaurant The Date September 26 About 10 months later, Jason took Sarah for a walk around the lake before work. Hand in hand, they were about halfway along the trail when Sarah felt Jason slip a ring onto her finger. They spent the next 10 months planning an early fall wedding filled with bright colors in the meadow of a friend’s Napa Valley winery.