A Casual Wedding in Santa Cruz, CA

Aaron was bartending when he noticed Leila out with her friends during one of the bar’s comedy nights. When Leila’s friends returned the next week, Aaron introduced himself and told them he’d like to meet Leila. Leila’s sister said it wouldn’t be anytime soon because Leila was applying to physician assistant school. Nine months later, on New Year’s Day, Leila and that same group of friends were hungry, but all their favorite restaurants were closed—except for the one where Aaron worked. Luckily, Aaron was bartending that day as well. When he saw Leila, he made a beeline for her. After a few drinks, Aaron offered to cook dinner for Leila and her friends. They accepted, and a week later he prepared a five-course meal at Leila’s sister’s house. Aaron and Leila started dating after that. The Bride Leila Kramer, 36, a physician assistant The Groom Aaron Alden, 39, a wine/beer buyer The Date October 11 Two and half years into their relationship, the couple drove to Alamo Square Park in the rain and while walking beneath a big umbrella, Aaron dropped to one knee and proposed. They spent the next six months planning a wedding with a Spanish—slash—Cuban theme based on Leila’s love for the culture’s food and music