A Charming Island Wedding at Hale Ohia Kai in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

When it came to wooing Charita Carter (29 and a salesperson at Tiffany & Co.), Niager Herndon (30 and a general manager at The Buckle Inc.) pulled out all the stops. After a few chance encounters at University of West Georgia, he offered to take her anywhere in Atlanta. With the entire city to choose from, Charita settled on her go-to spot – Arby's! Seven years later, Niager made up for their low-key first date with a surprise proposal over a sit-down dinner at Charita's favorite Mexican restaurant. As soon as Charita's initial shock wore off – she was exhausted from a business trip and didn't see it coming! – the couple started planning their destination wedding in Hawaii. Her dream of black-sand beaches made Kailua-Kona an easy decision. "We knew our families would have to travel no matter where we chose to get married, so we wanted to make it worth their while," Charita says. Her yellow diamond engagement ring inspired their color palette.