A Cheerful Yellow Wedding at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard in San Luis Obsispo, California

Ashleigh and Bill's "How they Met" story is literally out of a movie. "I had just started working in advertising at KSBY, the San Luis Obispo, CA, news station where Bill anchored sports," says Ashleigh. "As I was leaving the station in a hurry on my second day, I had almost reached the exit when Bill unexpectedly came flying around the corner in a rush to prepare for his 6 p.m. sportscast. We literally ran into each other! Because Bill is 6'7", I actually saw my life flash before my eyes. I muttered a quick 'Sorry!' and was continuing on my way out the door, when Bill called out 'Hey! Are you the new sales gal?' I turned around for a quick introduction, and we parted ways. Less than a week later, the station held a Cinco de Mayo party for all its employees, and by the time Bill arrived there was only one seat left at the outdoor picnic tables -- right next to me. We bonded over past experiences working in local school districts and with children with special needs." Afterward, Bill acted quickly to get Ashleigh's number and asked for a first date. Bill and Ashleigh celebrated their wedding at Greengate Ranch & Vineyard in San Luis Obispo with a "French country flea market" theme in mind. "We colleced antique books, furniture, decor and trinckets to spread around the venue. The color palette was navy, yellow and ivory -- with some light blush and peach thrown in.