A Chic, Vintage Wedding at Gary's Loft in New York City

Rainne (39 and a UX designer) and Christopher (37 and a animation artist) and were longtime friends before they began dating. Though they played video

Rainne (39 and a UX designer) and Christopher (37 and a animation artist) and were longtime friends before they began dating. Though they played video games together, planned annual trips and baked each other birthday cakes, they didn’t become romantic until seven years after meeting at an MTV Animation conference. “The music we chose, the decorations we made, the props we chose for our photo booth -- all reflected a relationship with a very firm foundation in a deep and abiding friendship,” Rainne says. After getting engaged, the couple checked out many locations before finding the one that best fit their style, but “when we walked into Gary’s Loft, we knew we’d found the place,” she says. Many of the details of their wedding were made by the couple themselves. Christopher created the Legend of Zelda box that held the couple’s rings before the ceremony. Rainne made the colorful paper cranes that served as a backdrop for the photo booth. “So much of the wedding was driven more by fun than by tradition,” Rainne says. It’s no surprise, then, that the couple ditched traditional seating assignments and instead “scattered comfortable chairs and sofas throughout the space to encourage guests to mingle and walk around.” Ultimately, the ceremony embodied both Rainne and Christopher’s personalities. A sign that the wedding was a success? “After most of the guests had left,” Rainne says, “I sat around barefoot with some of my friends and ate sorbet straight from the tub.”

Rainne and Christopher knew they'd found the perfect venue as soon as they walked into Gary's Loft. They fell in love with the exquisite views of New York City and the fabulous all-white interior.
The groom wore a J.Crew suit jacket, pants from Frank and Oak and shoes by Suit Supply. A personal finishing touch? His navy and light blue skull-and-crossbones tie from Mango.
The bridal bouquet consisted warm hued roses and viburnum.
The couple's color palette included red, goldenrod, magenta and green. A grand floral arrangement was placed in the entrance hallway to greet guests as soon as they walked into the space.
Grand Floral Arrangement With Paper Cranes
Rainne and Christopher served many types of food at their reception, since some of their guests had dietary restrictions. "We were very concerned not only that our guests had a good time, but never felt like their food choices were an afterthought," Rainne says.
Though Rainne and Christopher had a one-tier bridal cake, the rest of the guests had cupcakes. "Boozy cupcakes came from Prohibition Bakery," Rainne says, "and Billy's Bakery Red Velvet cupcakes for our teetotaler guests."
Guests were able to choose props to use for the couple's photo booth. "The mostly white color of our venue literally made for the best backdrop,” Rainne says. "You can use any color palette you want there and I promise it will pop."
"We used the paper crane palette as an inspiration for our flowers," Rainne says. Did we mention that the bride made each one by hand?
The props all showcased Rainne and Christopher's personality. Each one fit the whimsical, chic theme.