A Chic Whimsical Wedding at Whitewater Ridge in Wetumpka, Alabama

Candice Carter (19 and a student) and Joshua Starr (23 and an air force officer) met one summer after Josh had taken a job at Candice's father's company, Coosa River Adventures. Candice was much younger at the time and the idea of a relationship was quickly dismissed, but she and Josh became good friends. Eight months later, Josh decided to take the plunge and asked her parents permission to start dating their daughter. The two became inseparable and several years later, Josh popped the question with a surprising public proposal. Candice had gone home to Alabama for Valentine's Day weekend for a girl's day with her best friends, but little did she know that Josh had bigger plans for her. The girls spent the day getting their nails done, shopping and planned to see a movie at the end of the evening. "When the previews started I was shocked. There on the screen was my proposal. Josh had filmed the drive from Texas to Alabama and interviewed all of our closest friends, seeing how they felt about us as a couple and made it into a movie preview. With some help from the managers of the theatre he had it played with the other previews! It ended with Josh asking me to be his wife," says Candice. At the end of the short film, Josh and all of Candice's closet friends and family members entered the theater and Josh got down on one knee and proposed, making the theater erupt in applause. The couple planned a playful, feminine affair at Whitewater Ridge in Wetumpka, AL, a stunning stone lodge with a covered patio and views of the Coosa River. "We chose the venue because our summers together were always spent at the river. It was a special place for us," says Candice. To liven up the rustic space, the couple used a bright peach and pink color palette with plenty of gold, glittery touches for just a hint of glam. The wedding's flowers, untamed bouquets and arrangements filled with white, pink and peach Juliet David Austin garden roses, football mums and babies breath, added a whimsical note to the affair.