A Classic, Aviation-Themed, Backyard Wedding at a Private Residence in Weston, Connecticut

It's hard to have much more in common that Sean Crawford (37, a pilot) and Robb Quirk (33, also a pilot). After meeting at a National Gay Pilots Association event in Florida, it was clear that love was in the air. A couple of emails, Facebook messages and a layover later, and their relationship was off the ground. A year and a half later while they were vacationing in San Diego, Sean casually started a conversation with, "So, when are we getting married?" Robb was caught off guard and quickly responded with, “Are you asking me to marry you?” “Yes I am!” Sean responded. And that was it! The next morning they went to buy rings and the planning process began. Although they have the freedom to travel nearly anywhere for free, Robb and Sean chose to host their day in Sean's brother's spacious backyard in Weston, Connecticut. An aviation theme was a no-brainer for the couple, which they subtly wove throughout their wedding day—from the plane ticket invitations to the aviator sunglasses favors—without it feeling over the top. A classic black and white color palette and buffalo check details pulled it all together.