A Classic, Colorful Wedding at The Elms Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana

Erica and Chris Ladner planned a timeless and classic day inspired largely by their location (New Orleans) and the season (spring). A cheerful yellow and pink color palette created a cohesive wedding—it appeared in the elegant invitation suites, bridesmaid dresses, boutonnieres and reception centerpieces. "Pinks and yellows scream April and spring. Beyond that, they are happy, positive colors that made us feel warm," Erica says. The ceremony took place in front of a white gazebo at The Elms Mansion, which was framed with an elegant greenery wall.  Flower arrangements of roses, peonies and leaves lined the brick-covered aisle. Then the couple had a traditional New Orleans second line—a brass band parading them down the streets. "The best part about a second line is the people on the streets join in and have a good time. It’s like you’re one big party family," Erica says. The reception continued the classic, romantic aesthetic, as well as the springtime color scheme, through the table décor and the two-tier cake. 
Our favorite #MakeTradition moment: "A very important tradition to me, the gift that Chris gave me as my wedding present the afternoon before our rehearsal dinner, was a gold monogrammed ring with my married initials," Erica says. "This ring, as beautiful as it is, meant more than any old ring. It was made to look just like my mom’s gold monogram ring, and her mom’s ring. My whole life, they’ve had these, and I’ve never seen them without them. I’m so proud that I can now share the tradition and hopefully pass it on to my children one day."