A Classic Coral Wedding at Flint Golf Club in Flint, Michigan

Vanessa Boven (26, Cosmetologist) and Cody Coblentz (24, Teacher) met on a connecting flight from Flint, Michigan to Atlanta, Georgia. The co-eds sat next to one another during the brief flight, but parted ways as they went onward to their separate destinations. "After that day, we never talked again until we 're-met' in late July 2013 at a funeral home of all places," says Vanessa. Just six months after their reuniting, Cody planned a romantic proposal. In February 2014, Cody set up a tent, strung lights and lanterns, and set a table for two on his lawn. There, the two could appreciate the starry winter sky while Cody mustered up the courage to ask. "It was so sweet and romantic, just like him! My ring was perfect, 3 stones and just what I wanted," says Vanessa. Vanessa and Cody tied the knot on July 18, 2014 at the Flint Golf Club in Flint, Michigan. The Christian ceremony took place outside, where guests sat on white chairs decorated with pink dahlias in Mason jars. The bride processed arm in arm with her father through a pair of white washed doors, painted with Psalm 118:23. "We were able to speak to all of our guests at the end of the ceremony by doing a receiving line at the end of the lawn," says Vanessa. Guests enjoyed a fruit and cheese appetizer hour while the bride and groom took pictures. Following the light refreshments, guests proceeded to the indoor reception. There, guests enjoyed a sit down dinner, dessert, and dancing. Vanessa and Cody opted not to hire a wedding planner, and pulled off the big day thanks to a few helpful friends and family members. Doreen Howell of JDHowell Photography captured every memorable moment of the couple's big day.