A Classic, Eclectic Wedding at Tropical Paradise in Camarillo, California

Shirley Moore (33 and a school counselor) and Patrick Fernandez (35 and an attorney) went to the same high school, but didn’t really get to know each other until 14 years later. Shirley joined a reggae band that Patrick’s best friends were members of, so they would see each other at practices and shows. It was only natural that when Patrick proposed to Shirley, he did it in front of 700 people at a summer gig. The couple had their traditional Catholic ceremony at Santa Clara Catholic Church in Oxnard, California, with ornate interior that needed little additional decor. Shirley held a large red fabric rose bouquet, while her bridesmaids held white fabric roses. They had their outdoor reception at Tropical Paradise in Camarillo, California, with lush landscaping and a large enough space that accommodated their 400 guests. The coral and navy color palette was incorporated into wedding day details, such as their lemon raspberry chiffon wedding cake. The four-tiered ivory cake was wrapped with navy lace and decorated with coral roses, and the display table was sprinkled with coral rose petals. The custom-made topper was a figurine depiction of Shirely, Patrick and their dog.