A Classic, Elegant Wedding at Sleepy Ridge Golf Club in Orem, Utah

Estelle Ith (24 and a financial analyst) and Jesse Dzou (29 and a strategy analyst) met through a common friend at Brigham Young University and instantly hit it off. After their first date (Five Guys for burgers), they "talked till 3 a.m.,” Estelle says. “Our relationship was pretty much set from then on.” They dated for three months before Jesse moved out of state for a job and continued dating long-distance for three years. All along, though, they knew they’d be married one day. Before they were officially engaged, they booked their wedding venue to ensure they could be married three and a half years to the day after they started dating. Their Utah wedding was the first of three weddings—the other two were in Singapore and Taiwan (where the bride's and groom’s parents are from, respectively). Because of the sheer amount of work planning three weddings, they wanted a venue with everything included. Estelle and Jesse had a traditional Mormon sealing ceremony in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Salt Lake City, followed by a reception at Sleepy Ridge Golf Club in Orem, Utah. It was a simple yet laid-back and elegant affair, with romantic tones of cream, blush, navy and gold, a complete absence of wedding attendants, minimal decorations and a focus on their love. The independent couple move frequently for job opportunities and travel abroad on mission trips, drawing their identity and purpose from their faith. “Even after getting married, the longest we’ve spent living together is seven months,” Estelle says. “We both have our space, but nothing beats spending time with each other.” —Chrissy Sorenson