A Classic Garden Wedding at Orchard View Wedding & Conference Centre in Ontario, Canada

Jessica Crawford (28, a Dental Hygienist) and Chris Rathwell (31, a Union Carpenter) held their wedding at Orchard View Wedding & Conference Centre for a fun, unique reason: they won a contest! After submitting a photo of themselves and telling their love story to CTV, they were selected for the Ultimate Weekday Wedding at Orchard View in Ontario. Inspired by the venue, the couple went for a classic, timeless theme for their wedding--the reception tables were decorated in black and white, keeping things simple yet classic. The couple's favorite part of their wedding? The cocktail hour! "We had a signature punch that everyone loved! There were crackers, cheese, fruits and veggies--the food was delicious. The cocktail hour gave us a chance to greet anyone we weren't able to prior to the ceremony. The whole day was amazing and we were so blessed to have been chosen for this contest!" Jessica recalls happily.