A Classic Outdoor Wedding at Randall House in Bakersfield, California

                                                            Katie Uhrich (20) and Dustyn LaBarbera (20) envisioned having an outdoor wedding with a

Katie Uhrich (20) and Dustyn LaBarbera (20) envisioned having an outdoor wedding with a simple style that reflected them as a couple. When Katie and Dustyn came across the Randall House in Bakersfield, California, the garden and patio space filled the bill. Instead of thoroughly planning out their color scheme, Katie and Dustyn let the decision naturally form into what would be a combination of oranges and pinks. Katie made sure to honor her late grandmother by incorporating her gold coin necklace into her elegant bridal bouquet arranged by the Garden District. Other than the elegant chandelier that hung from the wooden pergola, no additional decorations accented the ceremonial garden space. Their church pastor conducted the service filled with handwritten vows and a braiding ceremony, symbolic for their strong relationship with God woven into the marriage. The celebration continued at the outdoor reception, where guests left their thumbprints on a tree-inspired guest board for Katie and Dustyn to cherish. Friends and family members took home burlap bags filled with fertilizer and wildflower seeds, given out as favors. Of all the personal touches that made up this classic outdoor wedding, we loved Katie's white 1940s dress that belonged to a relative. Talk about keeping it in the family! Want to see more of these one-of-a-kind details? Check out these classic wedding day details, below.

Katie wore her great-aunt's white dress made of a single layer of silk. Her great-aunt got married in the 1960s and borrowed the gown from her own mother, who had worn it in 1943. Although Katie made alterations, she kept the original buttons that trailed down the back.
Based on what Katie told the Garden District, the florist created a beautiful pink and orange bouquet filled with roses and succulents, not to mention a red calla lily or two added into the mix. "My grandmother unexpectedly passed away seven months before the wedding," Katie says. "I wrapped a gold coin necklace of hers around the base of the bouquet for a little sentimental value of having her with me."
Katie walked up behind Dustyn to reveal their first look, covering his eyes before they turned around. She wore a fingertip-length veil for the ceremony—a traditional accessory that blended in nicely with the rest of her look.
Katie and Dustyn stood at the wooden pergola during their ceremony, which took place outside at Randall House in Bakersfield, California. The landscaped space needed no additional decor past the elegant chandelier that hung above them.
Dustyn proposed to Katie with a beautiful round-cut diamond ring in a diamond-embellished setting. Katie created a custom-made ring for Dustyn that incorporated their love of God. "Dustyn told me he wanted a ring with a cross on it, and I ended up having a local silversmith make his ring from scratch," Katie says. "I also bought a Bible for Dustyn as a wedding gift and had the silversmith incorporate the same-style cross from his ring on the cover of the Bible, along with a silver nameplate on the bottom."
Katie and Dustyn walked up the aisle after their ceremony, showered by orange petals thrown their way in celebration of their marriage. Dustyn had a single orange rose mixed with hypericum berries pinned to his white collared dress shirt, while Katie matched him with an orange and pink rose bouquet.
The reception took place outside on the patio at Randall House in Bakersfield, California, where guests sat at round dining tables with white and pink layered linens. Katie arranged the flower centerpieces the morning of the wedding, placed inside mason jars she had collected.
Guests dipped their fingers in ink and pressed their mark on one of the tree branches, part of the large tree design depicted on a board as a whole.
Katie and Dustyn stood among their wedding party, dressed in accents of gray and pink that they picked out themselves. The bridesmaid picked out a floor-length pink dress, while the groomsman matched Dustyn and wore suspenders along with a light pink bow tie.
Guests took home burlap bags filled with wildflower seeds and fertilizer, with a tag attached by twine that read "Let Love Grow."
Katie baked homemade cookies and brownies the morning of the wedding. She positioned these sweets on the dessert table, some propped on top of white pillars at the reception at Randall House in Bakersfield, California.
Katie and Dustyn shared a moment under the white wooden arbor surrounded by the gardens. Katie's elegant fingertip-length veil made of tulle elegantly fell behind her as she leaned into the kiss.