A Classic, Preppy Wedding at the Tampa Museum of Art in Florida

Although they now reside in Hawaii, Pamela Padilla (30 and a dermatologist) and Bryant Wilson (31 and a physician) returned to their home state of Florida to make their union official. Since they were organizing their celebration from afar, the couple enlisted the help of a planner to bring their romantic vision to life. “I’m fortunate that Bryant took the reins and handled the majority of the details with our planner,” Pamela says. “It allowed me to enjoy the day and be surprised by all of the amazing details.”
Groomsmen wore bamboo watches, while bridesmaids accessorized with rose gold cuffs engraved with the exact coordinates where they first became friends with the bride. Vibrant red blooms brightened Pamela’s eucalyptus and Italian ruscus bouquet. Venezuelan empanadas and mini arepas paid homage to the bride’s South American roots. Edible favors in the form of chocolate-dipped macadamia nut shortbread cookies were a hit among partygoers. “We wanted to bring some of our new home to our family and friends in Florida,” Pamela says.