A Classic, Sparkly Wedding at The Landmark Center in St. Paul, Minnesota

When Katie Bockhaus (29 and a recreation therapist) and Nicholas Seaton (34 and a research associate at the University of Minnesota) began planning th

When Katie Bockhaus (29 and a recreation therapist) and Nicholas Seaton (34 and a research associate at the University of Minnesota) began planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to have a classy, sparkly-yet-traditional ceremony and reception. The color palette, shades of pink and purple, is Katie’s favorite. “We added silver to make it less frilly and girly and more chic,” Nicholas says. They chose to have the wedding in the Victory Chapel at St. Catherine’s University (which Katie’s sister attends) and booked the reception at the Landmark Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. The couple put many personal touches on their party to keep it unique. “Katie loves doing theatre and singing so she played the piano and sung a song to me during the cocktail hour,” he adds. Guests also enjoyed a barrel of beer from his favorite local brewery, Liftbridge. Katie and Nicolas made sure to get their family and friends involved in the ceremony, too. Some of the attendees participated in a flash-mob dance, and every table played a Monty Python-inspired card game with the newlyweds. When the night was over, guests went home with a boxed petit four decorated with edible sheet music from the song Katie sang. Advice for future couples tying the knot? “Have a budget and stick to it,” Nicholas says, and don't forget you enjoy your day!

The bride wore a long gown with a tulle overlay and slight sweetheart neckline with straps. The pleated skirt is longer in the back of the dress, allowing for a short train.
The bride carried a brooch bouquet down the aisle. "She really liked the idea of having a bouquet that wouldn't wilt," Nicholas says. It also fit the sparkly theme.
The bride wore satin bridal shoes with small heels. The nude pumps, which offered an extra few inches of height, accented the bride's embroidered gown.
The bride's dress had sequins and pearls embroidered onto the bodice. The back of the dress had pearl button details.
Pink Rose Boutonniere on Gray Suit
The bridesmaids wore eggplant gowns from David's Bridal. Although they were initially mother-of-the-bride dresses, "they fit perfectly with the classy style for the event," Nicholas says.
The bridesmaids carried pink-and-white bouquets of garden roses and hydrangeas. The flowers were tied together with a sparkly brooch.
Guests received purple-and-white invitations that were custom-made for the ceremony. The delicate typography matched the wedding's elegant style.
Escort Cards Arranged in Star Pattern
The bride and groom were drawn to the classic style of the Minnesota Landmark Center. "It has a very traditional look. The large open court and tall pillars fit exactly how we thought our wedding would look."
The three-tier wedding cake fit the color scheme and style of the reception and had a silver charm bracelet design draped along the side. Each charm was a meaningful symbol of the couple's hobbies.
Tall glass candelabras stood in the center of each table with lit candles in each holder. At the base of each vessel, cascading roses fell over the side of the table.
Wedding Cake With Charm Bracelet Design
Gray Rolls-Royce Getaway Car