A Classic Urban Wedding at Studio Dan Meiners in Kansas City, Missouri

Sarah Davis (30 and a public relations professional and event planner) and Matt Quinlivan (31 and an engineer) met in college. Nine years later, Sarah received a text from Matt that said, “We need to talk.” Worried, Sarah went home and found red roses and a card that said, “I’m sorry, I still love you” on the kitchen counter. “I started getting freaked out that something might be seriously wrong,” she says. “I found Matt, and he proceeded to tell me that he was sorry it took so long and then asked me to marry him.” For their wedding, the couple chose to exchange vows at the Liberty Memorial for its gorgeous views of downtown Kansas City. The ceremony was very personalized and intimate with Sarah’s father officiating the wedding and the couple writing all of their own vows. They also honored Matt’s late father by Matt’s brothers each bringing a white rose down the aisle with notes that said, “For Dad.” Afterwards, the couple had their reception at Studio Dan Meiners because of its classic ballroom. Wanting a simple, romantic candlelit reception, Sarah and Matt used more than 300 candles throughout the room. Candles hung in glass bubbles over the sweetheart table and lit up the orchid centerpieces from Studio Dan Meiners. One of the most fun parts of the night was when Baby Jay, the University of Kansas mascot, visited the party. For an ultra-local, personalized touch, Sarah and Matt gave their guests Boulevard Beer from Kansas City, peanuts from Oklahoma (Sarah’s hometown) and gooey butter cake from St. Louis (Matt’s hometown).