A Classic Wedding at the Carlisle in Lombard, Illinois

A restaurant job at an Italian Chicago eatery brought together Danny (25 and an auto service manager) and Nicole (24 and in legal administration) on their first day of work. "I worked as a bartender and he valeted cars," Nicole explains. "Whenever I was up at the hostess stand, he would always come in to 'warm up' and talk to me. It was love at first sight...or pretty closet to it!" The couple wed at the same church where they baptized their daughter -- she even served as the couple's official flower girl! Guests were invited to a reception at The Carlisle, where Nicole immediately fell in love with the newly-renovated space. "It had a very modern and romantic feel," she says. "The colors are neutral shades of tan and brown -- it just went perfectly with our candle-lit theme." Although the guest list included over 200 friends and family members, the couple was happy with the intimate outcome of their special day. "Our night was as romantic as we could have ever imagined," Nicole says. "We got to celebrate the love we have for one another with every single person who means the most to us. We wouldn't have had it any other way!"